So I did something that I probably shouldn't have done but I did it anyways. I know what you are thinking, What did you do?! Please tell me that you didn't hurt yourself! Well, I didn't! I had an amazing day today. I skipped school. Now I still know what you are thinking, Why would you do such a thing?! School is very important, you should be learning, especially since finals are next week. I know… I know… but I needed to unwind. I need to do something that I was necassarily suppose to do. I wanted to have fun. This past couple of weeks have just been torture. With homework flowing in like a flood, my mother being just such a b*tch to me, me being trapped inside my house from the time I get back from school. My life was predicatable and I don't like that predictablity. I like to be sontanious and my life had gone into a routine. Get up, get dressed, go to school, come home, stay home…. Repeat…. for the next couple of months. I'm a kid, I need to spread my wings in essence. I need to live and learn and socialize and do things that I'll think about years from now and laugh about or cry about or think, why did I even do that. Being stuck inside my house is not going to give me these memories. So yeah, I skipped school but in all reality I wasn't going to be doing anything. I spent the whole day with my boyfriend (and his freind with a license… LOL). Do I regret it? Not really. Today was a pointless day and now in the future, I'm going to look back on this day and laugh.

We did nothing today actually but I still laugh when I think about the whole day. First we went to the mall, I know so predicatable. But we got there so early that nothing was really open, well it was just opening. There was one point in the day where those people who try to sell you things by calling you out come up to us. I thought it was funny. The guy gave my boyfriend a coupon for an electric cigarette and then another guy (from a different 'store') was like, since you were so nice, I'll give your girlfriend something. It was beauty stand and I was like No! For one, I'm not a girly girl and for two he called me princess…. no one calls me princess. But it was funny because he pulled out the chair and was like what's your name princess? Then I was like No. My boyfriend still being nice, was like I'm sorry but she doesn't want to. Then we walked away! It was just so funny. I did feel a little bad but no… We were laughing as we walked away and I was like, I'm not so nice. They laughed at that even more…. I went to Spencer's for the first time in my life…. Very interesting store. We tried going to the movies but for some reason they weren't open… Which was odd because we looked it up on the interent and saw that they should have been open… whatever. We went to Starbucks since they had free wi-fi and just hung out there for the longest time. We actually saw a math teacher there… along with a student… It was a good thing that she wasn't really paying attention and neither was the student. After they left we just kind of laughed it off. After that we just went to my boyfriend's friends house and hung out there till it was time to drop me off. Which was also interesting. For a while there I was sitting in my boyfriend's lap till the bus came… or we thought came… Hahaha.

I know you probably think this was bad of me but I honestly don't regret it. Tonight I'm just going to be happy. Something that I never am anymore. These past couple of nights I've just cried, and if you knew me you'd understand why that's bad. I only cry when thing are REALLY bad. Meaning I've only cried a couple times in my life. And these past 3 or 4 days, I've just cried. Every night. Tonight, I'm not going to cry. I'm just so happy. I feel like I have control over my life. Now, I'm not going to make this a regular thing, cutting school. In fact that's probably the last time I will do that this year (I don't know about next year though… hehehe… I still won't make it regular though). But I feel like I deserve a couple days off. When everything is wrong and I just want to live again, like a semi normal teenage. I don't need it every day, I don't even need it most days. But don't you think I deserve it every one in a while? I'm just… I'm happy today. For once.

Oh! and please don't tell my mother! haha. I'd like to keep my night amazing.


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