I have had different ocd symptoms. Usually my symptoms are irrational:

-1st symptom: I moved in a new house and i started to feel anxious.I felt like unless i leave the house the anxiety won’t stop.

-2nd symptom: walking on the street i steped on something. It was night time and i was going home. All night i had a thought that i should go back and step on the object again.

-3rd symptom: one day i observed a hole in a wall and i started to wonder why the hole is not closed.

-4th symptom: i wondered what is underneat the earth. Is there an open space over there, trying to see that space.

-5th symptom: what is beyond the visible blue sky( i am trying to see what is there).

-6th symptom: Why can’t we see the air. I try to see it. Compulsion: i watch the smoke.

-7th symptom: what is inside my head. i want to see how ideas are processed inside my head.

-8th symptom: why can’t we see inside the stomach. I try to see inside my stomach.

I become so anxious because i am not able to do those things. My obsessions are like curiosity: why can’t we? what if?

I was prescribed different ssri and augmenters that controlled pretty well those obsessions: paxil, zoloft, risperdal.

As for my latest symptom, I do not see the relation with the above: My mind is not anymore able to generate ideas as it used to. One can talk about a thousand topics, ask me a thousand questions, i cannot find words to connect. I can’t elaborate on subjects like before. I can’t keep a conversation. Overall I feel like i lost my intellectual and language abilities ( by the way i was very smart and brilliant).

I do not see an obsession in this last case. Nothing is irrational here.It is a fact: i cannot communicate like before. I do not get ideas to do so.

The doctor thinks it is another obsession and i have been trying all sort of anti obsession for 2 years, still no improvement.

But i think it is not an obsession. From my experience and knowledge, an obsession is based on an irrational thought or a fear and  I do not see the connection with this. I believe this is  another mental disorder, but which one?

What i do not understand though is that i have ideas when it comes to talking about my condition. But other than that my ideas disappear.

Please give me your thought. I’ve been suffering for 2 years , i am so depressed, hopeless and helpless.



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  1. stephanie08 15 years ago

    Well your symptoms definately sound OCDish to me. I would go to another doctor if after 2 years you still are not any better. Dont forget that you have a huge support group here and that you are not hopeless or helpless- it will get better;if nothing else you can only go up from here!

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