Look..its not that I hate you

I jus love you so much I hate myself

I fell too hard and looked up

But you left ME on the ground

Bring me in for a hug, well that’s not how it felt!

Knives in my back, your kiss poisoning my lungs!

Still im hungry for more, there’s just some things I can’t control 

Like your voice in my head or your hand on my soul! 

Push me back, make me bleed but hey..it dont bother me 

“Baby I love you so much” well BITCH PLEASE

Plead ofter plead and your words still blind me!

The hardest part I guess is finding a way to tell you

My script has changed, my Romeo’s gone and at the end

Only you are poisoned, and Im not. HA! 

  1. deadsoulx2 2 years ago

    bruh i can totally relate , i have been going through the same situation , recently i broke up with my boyfriend bcux enough of toxicity , dude!

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    • Author
      kaeclarkz 2 years ago

      Im glad you could relate…well not GLAD but….you know what I mean aha

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