I always have nightmares when I fall asleep and weird images when I close my eyes… but this was a different story. It felt very real … scarily real. I had a dream that I had a boyfriend but he ended up trying to strangle me so I killed him. I also killed someone else for some reason I can't remember why or how. I remember something to do with a train track and a cliff? I became very anxious people would find out and carried on my usual life. I got on a train with a few friends. A bomb exploded and left me and another girl who I didn't know in the part of the intact train with my friends disappeared. Then I just remember walking out of school and the police waiting for me. When they saw me they started to arrest me and I felt everyones eyes upon me. Then I just remember everyone finding out and seeing what happened on facebook with everyone's reactions.. including people I knew and didn't know. One girl at school which I haven't really got on with commented ':o take' what does that mean? I remember watching my story on the news like I was sitting at home watching it from my telly. Then I remember watching the other girl walk out of the station. They were blaming me for the bomb when It was her. I told them to watch the cctv which proved it wasn't me and they let me go? Not charging me for the other murders. I woke up thinking it was real and in complete shock. Then I started to come round and see that it wasn't. I just couldn't believe how remorseless I was! I would never be able to kill anyone, If I did by accident I would probably kill myself! So so strange… I know my psychiatrist would tell me it shows my deeply hidden anger and anxiety but still very strange….

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  1. sadviolinist 10 years ago

    That IS a scary dream!  But dreams are just our brains trying to piece together information bits so that they make sense.  At least that's what I've been told.  Weird how it was so linear like a story.  I can understand the sense of it being real when it was like that.  It would scare me too!  I would have to stay up for awhile to reassure myself that it wasn't true.  Hope you have better dreams tonight. 🙂

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