After the events of the last few days, I was hoping for a relativly stress free day. Though I did have therapy today, so I guess that wasn't really going to happen.

I actualy went out today. To the shopping centre with my grandparents, mum and my little cousin who is a bit over 1 year old. He is the cutest kid! and he is soo content. Smiles alot. Just being around him makes me feel happy. I think his smile is contagious or something. When we were walking into the centre, we were walking (all but very slowly) and he was just smiling away. I ended up carrying him, as at the pace we were walking, i'd still be there. Anyway, I really enjoyed just pushing him around in the cart, seeing him giggle at any little bump we went over. Just so cute. I brought him an apple juice which he loved. so that was good.

While we were out, I got a call from my doctor. The one I seen the other day about getting some more valium. She wanted to see me. I told them I'd be back there in about an hour. Anyway got back to the surgery, and she asked me in. Long story short, she spoke with the shrink, and she has agreed to prescribe the valium to me. HORAY! even though she was still making it sound like I was addicted or something, but at least its something. She said that the shrink won't prescribe them anymore, she will, so if i need more, I'll have to go to here. She's all "I'll count them, so if you need more before 25 days, i'll know your using more than your suppost to".. I thought it was pretty rude myself, and i tried to not let it upset me too much. I went straight to the chemist and got them. It feels good, just knowing that they are there if i need them. Though there was still a little part of me that was thinking about OD'ing on them. But of course I wasn't going to say that to the dr.

Pretty much straight after that, I had therapy. We spoke about the other night, my birthday and a few other things. She really likes that I blog. She said its a good idea to write things down, but she was concerned that someone might comment about somethign I wrote, and would trigger me off. So thats making me concider making it so only friends can comment. Just something I'm thinking about anyway. I explained to her that even though when i'm on DT i'm anonymous, I still feel like sometimes i can't talk completly openly, and even though i've been on this site now for coming up to 2 years, there are still things I feel like I can't talk about. She suggested me write in my own personal diary. Though things like that worry me, as what if someone was to read them. She suggested that maybe writing it down, and then ripping it up, or something simular. She also suggested that it might be an idea to write something down, and bring it into her one time. That scares the crap of me. I also mentioned that i might be feeling some side effects from the prozac now, including the anger and irratibility. She's going to ask the dr about that.

Brought some DVD's today. The first season of TrueBlood, even though I've hired it out many times, I realy wanted it, so I got that, and Paranomal activity. There's my spending spree for the day. I'm waiting on season two to come out (trueblood) which I'll be sure to get that also.

So all in all, an average day.

  1. ladydarghost 12 years ago

    i can relate i take it you are like me dont like to get out much, i cant even go into a walmart by myself. and season 2 is out on the ttrueblood have it here waiting till i feel better to watch it. have a good day

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  2. flowermantis 12 years ago

    hey  Jac,I love love love,horror/thriller movies,what was Paranormal activity like? I have heard both good d bad so pls tell me your opinion on the movie ??Take care babes thinking of you, ,as u really remind me of myself so much at your age.

    lotslof love Flowermantis     xxxx

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