As I open my eyes in the morning for the first time, the days events start running through my head, before I can even take my first breath. What I have to do at work. Did anyone call my phone when I was asleep. Will it be a relaxing day or a hectic day. On and on everything starts bombarding my mind. Some times I put the thought in my head of not worrying about anything because my life is mine and controled by my actions and that the little things I compound in my head of whats expected of me, only bring outanxiety. I remember the cure for Bill Murray in the movie What About Bob was to take a vacation from yourself. I always think how simple it sounds but tricky to implement. But when even for the brief moments of time that I am able to take a break from my life, it does work. Like so many phobias and medical issues that I read about on here, it seems like so many of us,with all our different life styles and problems andhurtsthat brought us together on here, just have so much on our plates that we can not take a break and find peace that we deserve, alot of times because our enviorment that we are surrounded by won't let us. No job, abuse, physical pain, mental turmoil, lonelyness, and fears are all things that can trigger deppression and panic and anxiety in our lives. And just when we start to feel better and calm our souls down where we feel like normal functioning humans, again something triggers us into whatever it is that makes us not feel good. Wouldn't it be nice to wake up in the morning and have a clean slate in our minds with no expectaions or worries to start our minds racing out of control. Maybe it is just not practical, but I have had those feeling of just don't worry and my whole body and mind finds that instant peace I so long for in my life. I will try in the morning to perscribe a vacation from myself and if nothing else maybe I will have some peace even if only for a few minutes of my day.


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