Yesterday I had a really crappy day at work. As always, I am the only one outside getting buggies in 90 degree weather and I’m so sick of it that I’m about to go find a new job.

Well, while I was getting buggies, a truck with a trailer attached was parked in the fire lane (but they were loading stuff into the trailer that was related to the store so it was okay), and then another car was parked a little further down (idiots always think it’s okay to park in the fire lane if they’re just going in to get medicine, ect.). Well, this guy just decides to sqeeze inbetween the two cars, which completely blocks me off as I was trying to get a train of carts in. And so the guy parks his car slanted and gets out and goes right in.

I managed to get the carts in and I went in myself, and the guy was standing right there, and he asked me, “Hey is it okay for me to park there? I’ve gotta get my wife’s medicine.” I tell him, “No, that’s a fire lane.”, so he goes out to move his car when my manager walks by. I mention it to him and he says, “Oh he can park there. He’s mentally handicapped.”, and he runs out and tells the guy before he moves his car.

Okay so we have handicapped spaces for people who are handicapped. This guy didn’t even have a tag or anything. How the hell was I supposed to know that he was handicapped when we always have idiots parking in the fire lane?

Really, there’s no excuse for this dude just parking wherever he wants, even if he is mentally handicapped, and especially since his car didn’t have any way to show he was handicapped either.

Anyway, we’ve already given my dad his stuff for Father’s Day. My job has me working in Produce all day so I’m pissed. I go to work in an hour and a half.

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  1. QuadRaptor 15 years ago

    I was actually trying not to use the word “retarded” since not only would it sound like I was insulting/criticizing the dude (which I wasn’t, I was just irritated about the way he parked) but also because I didn’t want to offend anyone since the word is so strong.

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