Hello there everyone,

Before i start let me warn you that this blog is about Christianity and the Bible and it's impact on OCD. If you are not Christian i have no prejudice against you at all, i just think that what i'm saying here can help other Christians with their OCD.

If you are Christian however or even just curious, read on, i hope you will find this helpful. 🙂

I've always been a Christian, and equally i've always been someone who would love to say "I've read the Bible." I always wanted to do it, it was on every "bucket list" i've made. I also felt kind of bad about myself. To be a Christian and yet to have not read the Bible. I felt kinda like i was a doctor who never went to medical school!

So at the start of December this year, I made a commitment to get things right in my life. (This mean everything in my life, not just religion.)

I made a choice to try to better myself. And top of my list of things to get rid of was OCD which has led me here. However there were many other things on my list too: Lying, lust, anger, and general sin. I knew that i was walking on a bad path lately and i had to fix it. So, at the start of this Advent, i decided i would change. And i have!

I'm here on this site working on my OCD, i've started working out again, i'm trying to be less sinful and more understanding and helpful to people, but a key choice i made was to start reading the Bible. Proper change, i believe, can only come from radical steps. So by choosing to give up the bad things in my life as well as take up good things i hoped for the best results. And the things that has surprised me the most is the Bible.

I'm not far into it, but the second i started reading i just felt great. There is just SO much wisdom in those pages! It was a huge surprise to me. I mean, i knew the stories, i knew the general gist of what happened in it, but i never thought that reading it would FEEL the way it did. I thought it would be an intellectual experience. I thought i would learn as if i was studying for college. But no, it feels more like i'm breathing… I know that sounds weird, it sounds weird to me too, its very hard to describe. Whenever i read from it i feel like i'm taking something into myself, like i'm breathing in a big breath or eating food. Its amazing. I get so far and i have to stop because i feel full, i just need to let what i've read digest and think about it for a while.

So i'm writing this that i can hopefully encourage anyone out there like me to do the same. If you're a Christian and your goal is to read the Bible someday, pleasestart now! There's no better time than the present, you will not regret it. And it has GREATLY helped me with my OCD.

Thank you for reading. 🙂

( PS You can message me if you wanna talk more about this topic)

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  1. HereIFindMyself 10 years ago

    It is a glorious feeling, isn't it? I noticed too, that the more I read it, the more I wanted to keep reading it.  And I know, too, about that full feeling – like you've taken in what God wanted you to that day.

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