I forgot to tell you all about Friday (homecoming day) So, here it goes;

Monday – Friday was spirit week, then on Friday was the BIG game. The biggest game of the year. Last year, there was over 3,000 people there. But anyways, My friday started with me going to school. I didn't do much, I just waited till the pep rally came. (At the end of the day) So, at the rally, it was chaos. Complete and totoal chaos. People were crowd surfing, there were mosh pits, people were ontop of other peoples shoulders. It was.. just.. wow. But after school, I went home. I hung out by myself for a couple hours, then I got a call. It was from this girl named Abby who likes me. She wanted me to go to the game. So I did. Little did I know, she didn't have money for me, so I just snuck in. Thinking back at how easy it was to sneak in, makes me laugh. But anyways.. At the game I first hung out with Kelton and Abby. Abby and I walked on either side of Kelton with a blanket wrapped around us three. We kept eachother warm. At the game, I saw a lot of people I knew. But I met one knew friend, John. I met him so strangely. He walked up to Kelton, humped him, and sang "I got that boom, boom, boom" It was SO funny! I laughed so hard. I saw my friend Gavin, and that is when the typical drama comes in. You see, since I just got out of a relationship, and I wasn't really over the guy, I just wanted to have some fun. So, I made out with Gavin, but Abby saw. The next thing I knew, Abby was chasing Gavin, Kelton was chasing Abby trying to hold her back, mean while, I'm standing alone with a look on my face saying "What the fuck?" It was a crazy night. But so amazingly fun. I had tongue sex with Kelton, Abby, Gavin, Sam, John, and I don't know who else. I kissed Sam (a different Sam than the first) and Gavin. I humped Gavin, Kelton, Abby, Sam, Kylee, John, and I don't know who else. It was just, so much fun. I will never forget it. Oh, and also, I had Abby, Sam, Gavin, and other people keep my ass warm cause I was so freezing. I also got John's number. But, the bad, and sad part of the evening is; I saw Trey, with Jacky. He was carressing her legs like he once did mine. I was pretending to have a good time, but I was still broken inside. That reminds me, I got piggy back rides from 2-3 people. Also, I got asked if I was Bi, a lot. I confidently told everyone who asked "Yes, I am." But yeah, it was fun.



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