I was working at a home security company for almost 2 years. It was the worst work environment ever. I was working 32 hours every weekend, 16 hours throughout the week, on top of going to school 16 hours a week. My boss was by far the biggest jerk EVER. He was so anal about everything. For example, if we sent a bill to someone and they had moved, he would take the money that he spent (envelope, typed letter, postage stamp) out of our paycheck.

Anyways… this past April, I met with my manager and boss to get written up for something completely stupid. In that meeting, they told me that they were interviewing for my position because my work performance had decreased… probably because I was getting at most 8 hours of sleep in between the 32 hours of working on the weekends???

In order to protect myself from being fired, i went out and found a new job. And since they had put me through hell, I decided to take some revenge. I texted my manager and boss on a friday night to tell them I quit due to having another job. That left them having to cover my 32 hours that I was scheduled that weekend. My boss replied by calling me a loser, and that he could guarentee to give me a bad reference to any job that I apply for. My manager then proceeded to tell me that Im "fucking weak".

My boss told me to have all company property (my work shirts and name badge) in within 24 hours or he would call the cops for theft. I returned them the next day, within 24 hours. He also informed me that since I didn't give a two week notice, that he would be dropping my last two paychecks down to minimum wage. (The company policy is only the LAST paycheck, not last two). Since we had just gotten a paycheck the day before I quit, he said that I owe him for what he "overpayed" me, so he was going to keep my last check and he would be seeing me in court for what he "overpayed me",

I never heard anything else about it. I started working at my new job, but was only getting about 3 hours a week, and haven't gotten any hours in about 3 months due to business decrease. I started pursuing new options. At the beginning of October, I got hired on at a GREAT place, one that is willing to promote me to do what Im going to school for as soon as Im done.

I got a call 2 days ago from the place that I was hired. They said my background check came back OK, but they called my old boss for a reference. He told them that I was fired for violating company policy, and that I stole from the company. None of which is true!!!! Im so furious.

I cant catch a break anywhere… I want to sue him for slander so bad. But he has the best attorneys in the state, and I know that the people working in the office with him will back him up to save their jobs. That company has so many lies going on that its ridiculous

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