Let me fill you guys in on what is happening with me. 

Wednesday when the snow hit Long Island NY I panicked.  You see I walk every day 2.2 miles rain, or shine. I was very depressed so I woke up after 6AM. I knew I would not be able to walk. I then noticed as the dark became light that there was not that much snow. I kept kicking myself for the fact I did not get up an hour earlier to do my reading of ESPN and scores. When I finished that I noticed the snow started blowing outside. To make matters worse my dad called me and told me he was at work since there was no snow on the roads. I did not expect him to call so early. He also was leaving early since it would get worse toward the afternoon. This would start the list getting kind of inconsistent. I did not have things to write about from walking. It also was sort of smaller. He then called me 4:30 that night and the list was actually longer than the previous night from  5:00 PM until 8AM. I know it does not make sense but I had to tell him the haircutters came, the snow plows came. Went down for the mail and did not unlock my door which if it blows I would be locked out since I don't bring my keys to walk down the steps.  

I talk edto him and I hit a new record 1,326 words from 5PM until 9:00 PM that night. The worst used to be around 1,000.  Thursday starts and I was really in a bad mood. Remember earlier in the week I let that car hit me? I get up and the 52 year old son who has the bedroom right under mine starts yelling. I went nuts and used a few expletives and started slamming the floor with my foot. I realized he does not distract me and no one can. I read a blog by Ashling which I commented on in which she mentions you can have all the silence in the world if you don't have the concentration at that moment it does not matter. You will not be able to read. I then did scores and got dressed. My dad responded to the email I am going insane saying I wish I could help I don't know what to tell you love always.  I then wrote back got sidetracked with all my assorted lists and other things that I finished 10 minutes later. I started crying. At this point I had contemplated suicide. My grandmother asked me if I went out when I called her. Now Wednesday I said are you that dumb? She lives in Virginia and I assumed (she would never do this) she was trying to rub in I could not walk. My mother would but she is a lost cause that we don't discuss. I actually wrote an apology email to her. I told her I am in a horrible mood I want to end it. I said if I go out I might purposely run into cars. So I left it as I was not walking. 


About 15 minutes later I went walking no problems walking. It was actually not bad it took me the usual amount of time.  I then came home to an email from the guy that fixed my wall when I destroyed it. We were supposed to be or stay friends. He had not written me in six weeks so I deleted this one. His emails were short and he really only cared that I gave him business. He saw I would not give him anymore (and I poured out what I was going through) so I feel like he stabbed me in the back. My dad then called me and I went through about 3,100 words. Remember I went walking that is at least 600 words.  We got off in about 20 minutes. I think in an hour I was almost at another 1,000 words. He wound up calling me again at 4:30 so I had about 2,150 words but that should not have been.  Basically told him  this person had their paper out this person cleaned their driveway so and so forth.  Thursday night was over 1,100 words. 

 Friday morning things started getting a little better. I was dreading going shopping with all the snow because people have a tendency not to let you cross. I got up the usual 5AM time did my stories, scores took in the garbage and noticed the landlords other son almost 47 years old took out the other garbage can. He did not realize my garbage was in the one with the snow camouflaging the white bag.  I heard the landlord blow his whistle (yes he does that) to get him up at 5AM to take the garbage out or do something.  I think he is Bi-Polar all I know is we had our fights about 30 times in the five years I have lived here. He actually pushed me one time.  I got my walking done. Add that to the list then add all the things I heard when I got home which sounded interesting. My sports comments I can't believe this guy did this or that. Went shopping it took a few minutes walking and coming back with the idiots not letting me cross. I almost skidded down a few times back and forth versus twice walking. I had a problem with an item that was supposed to be on sale. It rang up $9.98 instead of 2/$5. I had to go back. So after I told my dad what happened the first time I had to write in more. My phone then rings at 8:30 I am in the middle of finishing everything since I do it in an order. My dad calls to tell me the roads are not bad and he was calling earlier. I never called my grandmother yet and I call her at 8:15.  At about 8:42 she calls me I did not switch calls. I wound up having about 80%-85% of the stuff I wanted to tell my dad in that list. Which went from 1,100 to 3,100 words. It was not good. Spoke to Grandma she was happy I was ok. That night at 4:30 my dad calls as is the normal time and we did about 2,800 more words. We finish I start ESPN and I notice the pages are loading slowly. Shockingly my time on there was not compromised too badly. I then noticed when I wanted to look back into a story I received the Diagnostic Error which usually means refresh the page. I tried reloading AOL, I had some sort of error. Then after that I wound up losing my AIM connection which did not make sense. They should happen together. Verizon notifed me I should repair my connection. I then wound up doing a connectivity test. This was the first time my connection needed to be restored.  The little AOL which is usually enabled disabled and my modem went. It restarted and everything fixed. That was the first problem.  Next I wound up almost doing this or doing that so that was more things on this new list. I started writing things on a pad so I don't have to sleep and remember them. By 8:45 PM I had hit 1,561 words. That was a new record. I was trying to play Bejeweled and I lost and almost had my worst score because I was worried about the list being so huge. I did not sleep it took me almost three hours to fall asleep and I was up after about three hours.


Saturday I wake up at 4:45 started my list of what happened all night then did the stories and scores.  Today is laundry day  and anyone reading this blog knows that like everything else  there is a recap of what happened about 600 or so words. I left a little after 6AM. Some highlights there were 7-11 sticks in the parking lot. The store I go to was missing part of the top of the roof from the snow. I had an argument with someone there who said didn't you open this morning? In a loud voice NO!!!!!!!!! She said didn't you say you did? I said no. Got home without much fanfare besides the wagon I carry my laundry in I had to hit the side of the snow with to avoid possibly getting hit.  When I get home I usually put my clothes away and make my bed as well as put the items I typed into my cell phone and saved to drafts in the list.  This used to take 20 minutes. But I kept making mistakes this went in the wrong spot so I had to tell my dad took the wrong sheet out first. The pillow case that was on top of the blanket hit the actual floor.  Knocked this over. Left my bedroom door open. I go walking and things are ok. Everything I saw I had to make a note of which was really bad.  I wasat 3,100 words before my walk.  I am finishing at the main intersection for one of the busiest streets in Nassau County. Some woman turns and did not even see me she almost hit me. I then gave her a few choice words. Remember I am going north in the south bound lane and south in the north bound lane. I get to the first street on the way back. Some guy around my age rolls through the stop sign. I said you are a moron but a lot stronger. I hit his car out of rage. He said are you some psycho, dumb retard? I hate that word.  I said no. He said are you kidding? Next time you touch my car I will pelt you one. I motioned like bring it on. He called me a spaz. I tried to get his car with a snow ball I was going to go after him. You call me that word and threaten me you have a lot coming. Little did he know I did that in rage I knew I banged his car. That was my intention. Learn to stop.  I should have said you can't read stop. There were a few intersections where I said what the heck if a car hits me let it. Like where I banged that older  mans car two weeks ago. Someone was coming out of that deli lot and the guy turning right waited for me. I got home recapped everything. When my dad called I had a record 4,600+ words.  I beat my record of last Sunday by over 900 words. My dad did not want to have to listen to this for half an hour, shockingly he stayed on I only had to skip three items. Since he did not want to hear these things. He had told me in the past you mention that (gross personal hygiene  I will hang up.  So I skipped them.

I had called my grandmother about an hour earlier and she asked how I was I could not talk. I really do not talk to my aunt or uncle who she lives with nor do I want them knowing what is going on with me. She called back and I told her about the list and the guy with the car.

I then went to pay a bill and noticed I could not log on. I realized the reason was because I went into a link that I do not use anymore for Verizon now since I have their service and not only  their phone service. After I finished straightening that out I had a problem with my screens freezing. I hate when the screens freeze. I shut my modem and restarted.  Not supposed to do that but I went nuts. Anytime something freezes the last item I was in pops up. AOL freezes Word will pop up. Those are things that go on the list.  I then noticed my landlord's wives nephew is over with his kid. I really don't like when they come every other week. I never saw them for the almost four in half years I lived here.


So this has been my last few days.





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