Why doesn't anyone understand when it's time to leave me alone? When I'm near tears and I'm blasting music and ignoring you completely.. maybe you should I dunno, LEAVE MY ROOM. I hate to be alone, but I hate it even more when I'm about to cry and people won't leave me alone. I'd block my door closed, but all that would do is make it hotter in here. I just want you to get out and leave me to be miserable, I don't think that's much to ask. I want to rant to someone who I'll never have to face, someone who is never gonna hold it over me, who's not gonna judge me for my weird attraction to pain and insanity. I can't even honestly say I'm sorry, because I'll never be sorry for these choices I made. And oh, to make matters worst, YOU trash MY room and then expect me to clean it up? It doesn't work like that.. and just because you can handle living in a dump doesn't mean I can. I want to move out, I wish I could.. I'd already be gone. I wish I aspired to be something better in life than I am, but I don't. What do I have to wish for? In all honesty there is nothing for me to hope for or want.. Nothing that I'll ever really get. I want to talk to someone, to tell someone how I feel.. but more than that I want someone to understand how I feel. I don't want to tell another sob story, and I don't want to hear one either. I don't want someone sitting in a fancy arm chair staring at me and telling me how much they understand when they really never will.. I want someone who actually understands me. But I guess that's too much to ask for.. huh? I never asked for all this, just so you know.. I don't want to be the outcast, the freak, the black sheep.. I want to fit in, I want to feel loved.. I want someone to honestly care if I wake up each day.. bue I guess it's too much to ask for.

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  1. caza 11 years ago


    I can say all that I will understand you stuff, Some things I may not but I sure as hell will listen with out judging you, Just give me a bell if you wanna chat or even if its just to get how you feel out I'll listen 

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