Well, here we are. First blog in a few days.

Small update on me:



And, more work. It’s all I seem to be doing lately. The past 2 weeks i’ve spent so much time at that place it’s un-believable.

I’ve spent a lot of that time in our stockroom, alone with no-one to talk to for hours upon end. Not that i’m complaining. I get to choose my own music, when I take my breaks, how long my breaks are etc.

I’ve come to the conclusion that my life is encouraged by music, I have always got songs that relate to my life, and certai periods within it.

I will link a few of my songs here (YouTube)

Stone Sour – Zzyzx Rd: uk.youtube.com/watch 

Three Days Grace – Pain: uk.youtube.com/watch

Cold – Stupid Girl: uk.youtube.com/watch

Michael Jackson – Earth Song: uk.youtube.com/watch

Papa Roach – Last Resort: uk.youtube.com/watch

Slipknot – Left Behind: uk.youtube.com/watch

Slipknot – Before I Forget: uk.youtube.com/watch

Eric Johnson – Cliffs of Dover: uk.youtube.com/watch

Those are a few of my favourite songs, all have a meaning to my life, and how I react to life whilst listening to them.

My Mood Today:

Been a bit low today, feeling rather lonely without the love of my life now. Managed to complete all of my work again today, without hitches or complications. Maybe this is a good start.

Trying to keep myself as busy as possible, so I can ignore these thoughts that run through my head during the day.

I find one of the worst times for me is after my son has gone to bed, and I am left alone with nothing to do. The internet can only do so much for me nowadays, and sometimes DTribe is the only thing I can bear reading through.

Most of you may not see me on here, most of you I will not talk to, but the select few I have spoken to, all seem great and have been incredibly supportive.

The things keeping me going in my life are only few. My son, the people at work who are kind, and supportive and DTribe. I am thankful for everything that helps me through my day, be that music, my son or DTribe. I would like to thank everyone here who has even said "Hello" to me, as this is something that keeps me going, showing that someone cares is great, and I will normally try to return the favour, unless the chatroom breaks on me, like everything else on my computer.

This is definately the longest blog I have ever written on here, so I will close now and hopefully talk to some of you later.

Goodbye, for now.



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  1. Mz_Unda_Std 14 years ago

    Hello there. I have recently come back to DTribe and want to say hi and welcome. I can totally relate to your whole blog. I feel the same way about music. If you look at my music player I have alot of songs that tells you alot about how my life is or how I feel, etc. Plus they are kick ass songs. 😉 I also have kids and know how the daily routine can get to a person. I have also made some wonderful freinds on here. This place is always a place I seem to come back to when I’m feeling down. Well, I hope you feel better soon and once again welcome.



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