The other day I received the following message:

Reporter: stephen_jacks58

Title: Hello
Date: 07/10/2009 09:02 am

Hello i am Miss Flora, 24 years of age; i saw your profile today and took interest on it, please i will like to know you more better i came on line to look for a true and loving man who is honest and lovely. Please i will like you to send me email on my private email address so that i can send to you my picture and tell you more about me best regard.Flora I am contacting you for obvious reason which you will understand. So here I am, my personal address:(flora[email protected]) I still hope for your reply.Have a good day!
Now, for all I know, Miss Flora might be the sweetest and most genuine  girl you could wish to meet in your life. If so, I hope she can forgive me and accept my apologies. 
But the mangled English and curious phraseology would, if you read this anywhere else, suggest a phishing scam (probably based in Nigeria or the Ivory Coast), to ensnare lonely men and strip their bank accounts. If indeed this is such, it seems to me that to prey on isolated and vulnerable people is little less than evil.
Please, fellow members: be aware that these predators exist.  If anything doesn’t quite ring true in a correspondence, if sooner or later there is an appeal for money for any reason whatsoever, back off and get out as fast as you can.  Other dodgy comments :"Please let me see you on your webcam (but no, I can’t afford a webcam myself)"…"I need money to have our letters translated"…"I need money towards my airfare to meet you in England." …"I want to ring you but I need money for the phone or Internet Cafe." 
Invariably, if a photo of the girl is offered, she will be particularly attractive.  And no, pictures of her family (real or alleged) mean nothing.
NEVER give out any detail which could trace you or your bank account until you know a correspondent as well as a member of your own family.
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  1. Arfin_Dawg 14 years ago

    I got this mail too.

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