Normally I don’t get in vans, but today, I did.  I didn’t see the guy laying down in that last row of seats.  we are just driving along when he pulls off to a side road, then another, back in kinda wooded area. Everything is good, money paid upfront which is cool…we are getting along, doing our thing when the guy in the back decides to join.  I’m pinned down when he said what are some things you would do if you knew today was your last day on earth…??? Now I’m starting to fight and they are smacking me around,  holding me down and laughing.  One of the other guys says why did you say that??? You know we are going to kill her…why make her nervous and scared. They laffed again.

This went on for maybe almost an hour…when they were all done, the other guy said they love doing the rape fantasy thing…That I was a lot of fun and they hope to see me again.  I got out, got dressed and walked back to the main road to hitchhike home.


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