for starters id like to talk about my family.  me and my father were never close, so we don’t talk much he lives with me but we don’t talk to each other.  me and my mother are different.  she is bipolar, stubborn and i mean really stubborn, and selfish.  so sometimes she’s good then the net things don’t turn out well.  so about a year ago my mother found out I was self harming.. this as a large chapter in my life that day still gives me nightmares.  I come home from school and my mother is at the table she asks me to show my legs and my wrists.. I did as she said ” your an idiot”  my dad just so happens to walk in the door 5 mins later.  she tells him and he says ” you know what Emma your a pain in my ass”  he takes me back to my room and spanks me as if I were a child.. I’m in shock my head is turning.  he takes me outside and says “I’m gonna show u what my dad taught me.. hard work is the best punishment”.  he grabs a shovel with fiber glass all over it and tells me to dig a 7 by 5 foot whole in our FRONT yard.  he said I can come in when my hands are bleeding” unless u like it.”  my hands were bleeding so I went inside and my mother is yelling at me she took my bracelets and told me she wanted me to be humiliated in front of everyone at school.  I asked her how she found out.. she told me that the school saw and they called DHS and she told me I was a horrible person and that they would take away pyper ( 2 year old sis)  she lied. to make her look better. I found this out bc she made me find a way to help I said counseling. she took me their nd in our first visit she had to come in the room with u. the lady asked the same question as I . and she told her she saw them on me the night I was wearing a tee.  she still to this day will not admit.  anyway thats just another there is more I might post it in my nxt blog.

thank u for reading this far it means a lot.

  1. asbishop 5 years ago

    Reading this made me absolutely furious to hear the things they did to you! As if things weren’t bad enough! I can’t believe they lack in such understanding. I’m so sorry you had to deal with that. I really can’t even grasp what they were punishing you for. For…suffering, having problems?
    Stay strong, someday you’ll be able to get away from them and have good group of people who offer support and the help you need.

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    • Author
      emmerzz 5 years ago

      no need to be furious its sweet but its okay. and yeah I just keep telling myself that one day this will all be worth it ill make it worth it. thank u for not saying I’m crazy or they were doing the right thing, and supporting me. bc in my head I know its wrong but from them to tell it, its right. also thank u for leaving a comment sorry it took me so long to reply.

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  2. delane 5 years ago

    Emma, ***Hugs***!!!! i agree with asbishop….NO ONE should be made to feel the way your parents made you feel!!! That’s unwise, unhealthy, and serves absolutely NO point other than damaging what’s already damaged! (wish i could slap both of them, right about now–it burns me up!) Parents are supposed to support their children, protect their children, and raise them in a fit and meaningful way. (In my personal opinion, your dad’s watched one movie a lil too much–i know the movie, btw–and your mom needs to get some help of her own, too…..) S-i is not a cause, it’s an effect of circumstances. i know this one all too well, myself, hun. You are so much stronger and smarter than they give you credit. Please, lean in when you need to….you have support here!

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