The awesome thing about blogging on here is that nobody can claim to know who I am talking about (because I don't use people's names). If I started a blog now, with the people I know and started talking about a couple of people in the way that I am about to it would get back to them. And years from now I wouldn't hear the end of it.

1) My family: pulling faces at me and going on about 'what are you going to do when I'm not here?' and generally making me feel stupid for wanting to do something different. I have not had one iota of positivity from them about having ideas for myself which, coming from the people that wanted me to sign on at a jobcentre which has apparently been voted one of the worst in the country I live in,when I needed medical help because I was having my first bout of depressive illness, which made me feel even worse than I already did for not having a direction in life. The people that made me quit volunteering because I wasn't getting paid (in spite of the fact that it was literally the one place where I could meet other people in the same situation), the people who put all that academic pressure on me in the first place (intentionally or otherwise) that made me go downhill – that just takes the piss frankly. They need to start seeing me as a person and not an infant/ill person/thing to be shunted around.

2) The educational system which put me under an obscene amount of pressure to study without having any idea of what I wanted to do afterwards, or even letting me get experience of the world that exists outside studying purely because I was named 'gifted' at a subject without actually doing anything for six weeks. Too many people paid attention to that certificate they gave me.

Although – I might start a tumblr actually **has bright idea**

Since I like writing so much and all……


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