I'm being bitten almost nonstop. I have bites covering my legs and arms, hands, and feet. I guess we have fleas but no one is doing anything about it. My Dad had stuff to put on our pets but he lost it because he's an idiot. He just makes excuses or denies losing stuff so we can't do anything.

My Mom was going to get more but it's really expensive and she doesn't currently have the money for it. No one seems to be getting bitten up like I am and it's really annoying although I suspect I'll get used to it in time.

My motivation is dwindling. I'm in a bad mood constantly. I can't bring myself to move hardly at all. The heat is overwhelming and my Dad is hatefully allowing us all to suffer. He stays in the basement where it's cooler while we sit upstairs sweating. It's been at least 90 degrees every day since I've been home.

I've been overeating to an extreme. I'm unhappy. I don't know what to do with myself. I can barely bring myself to bathe because I know I'll begin sweating as soon as I get out anyways. I feel constantly dirty as a result and I'm really uncomfortable.

I see my doctor in about two weeks. I think I'll request an increase in my medication. I can't stand being here. I just need to be able to survive. I haven't had to live like this since I was about 6 or so. We used to be miserable all the time. Dad would go out drinking and eat out whenever he wanted while Mom didn't even have a car. We'd sit outside in our pathetic baby pool sweating our guts out, unable to go anywhere. Dad didn't even care if we got hurt and needed to go to the hospital, he told Mom that she didn't need a car for that and to just call 911.

How can one person be so selfish, hateful, and bitter?


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