Doing the best that I can…hmmm. What does doing the best that I can really mean????? Lonelines still kicks my ass every day!!!!!

Not even an accidental overdose can put me down and help me to forget the pain that my husband continues to instill in my heart every day…God help me please!!!!!!!!!!

It is truly sad when the person you have been with for more than 30 years tells you that he "married the wrong woman"…and continues to "show you" that what he said is the absolute "truth"…compared to every "lie" he has ever told me (past & present)….

Would "YOU" believe him if he also kept telling you that you are the love of his life if he kept lustfully gazing into your lips instead of your eyes while he is attempting to make love to you??????????…Then he leaves you cold and lonely for 4 days after he has "finished his business" (being polite) in "10" minutes with you.

Oh but, he has also told me that he "needs to" for me to "keep him going". And…even though he has admitted he does it "intentionally"…he tells me that he has "no reason" for his actions…Dear God that hurts deeper than I ever thought pain could!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…help me to escape the pain and remain sane in the process…"please".

That's OK… I'm moving on to a better life Kevin!!!!!…a life with a "real man" that will show me "true" love!!!!!!!!!!…"YOU" will not break me!!…I will heal myself from all of the pain you have ever given me…you will "NEVER" hurt me again!!!!!…and the reality that I am no longer yours "will" hit you some day…and…I will "not" be there to pick you up when you fall.

I just wanna fall in love again…."Broken like an angel"







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