I hope this information works. It gave hope to me i know that with a little determinataion and your will to get better we can be anxiety free 🙂

Anxiety attack disorder is often misunderstood. Many sources claim that anxiety attack disorder is genetically or biologically caused, or both, because it commonly occurs in families. But research has yet to find any medical or scientific evidence to support these claims.

Based on our personal and professional experiences with anxiety and anxiety disorders, we know that the factors that cause anxiety disorders are learned, and therefore are behavioral and NOT genetically inherited or biologically caused.
Yes, anxiety disorders DO have a biological component, but the biological component is a RESULT of our behaviors and NOT the initial CAUSE of them.
And yes, it is common for anxiety disorders to run in families, but it’s because of environmental factors, NOT genetic factors.
Anyone who has experienced anxiety attack disorder will tell you that anxiety attacks can be frightening and severely debilitating. But anxiety attack disorder IS fully reversible, and anyone can do it with the right information, help, and support.
Anxiety attack disorder is best treated early. Conditions allowed to persist often become more complicated, and consequently, lengthier to treat.
Nonetheless, anxiety attack disorder at ANY stage is fully resolvable. When the right information, help, and support are combined with effort and application, anyone can do it.
Our experience has shown that the most effective treatment for anxiety attack disorder is the combination of good self-help information and Personal Coaching/Counseling/Therapy. Since the underlying factors that cause anxiety attack disorder are learned, generally a professional therapist is required to help uncover, identify, and successfully address them. Working with a professional therapist ensures that these underlying factors are effectively addressed.
And because the underlying factors associated with anxiety disorders (including anxiety attack disorder) are learned, there are no “quick-fix remedies or cures” for anxiety disorders. Treatments that claim “miracle or secret cures” should be avoided.
That said, we want to encourage you. Anxiety attack disorder is fully resolvable when it is approached in the right way. And anyone can do it. There’s no reason to suffer needlessly.
The worst thing you can do is nothing! Anxiety attack disorder, like other anxiety disorders, almost never goes away by itself. The longer nothing is done, the more entrenched it can become. Early intervention is the best course of action.
When I (Jim Folk) was suffering with severe anxiety disorder including intense anxiety attacks, many people told me that I might have to live with it (and be on medication) for the rest of my life. I'm glad I didn't follow their advice.

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