So I had an interview scheduled for Europe, a chance at last to maybe be reunited with my partner. I received an emailthis morning asking me whether I had the work visa… Well, no. I was counting on you guys to help with that. So the interview is cancelled… What a disappointment! I was devastated, now feeling a bit better. It's been rough lately and this is not helping. It's proven so difficult to join my partner and each additional failure hits harder. As time passes by, discouragement settles in. Fortunately, we are strong; even when we fight, we always end up fixing things. I am always surprised at how profound our love is. And when at first we were discreet about it, we are now official. I even have somewhat of a family in law, which feels strange and very agreeable. And as time passes by, even when difficulties arise, we somewhat grow stronger. Maybe realizing what we have is meaningful. In a world when nothing matters anymore and all is temporary, consumption; I somewhat feel we hold something here. ~Even when things are not perfect. At least he is always there for me, he has proven stable (more than me ahah!) and I know he would never want to hurtme.

Well, I can't say about the future, we haven't even lived together for a prolongated period! But I feel like what we share will ensure it works. So anyway, the other options for the work visa are an expensive lawyer or a marriage… pouahah Me, married?

In relationships, respect is the most important. Respect for what the other is. For his differences. And in order to have respect, I thinkyou must have some admiration for the other. And I don't mean admiration for social status, but for the core, the values.



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