Hi, some people might be worried about me but some might not care. Do I care? No I really don’t. I wish no one worried about me. I’m killing myself, from the inside out.

What if I go? What if I drowned? What if I bleed out into the darkness of this world?

Would you care? Would you notice I was gone?

I’m struggling with depression, ADHD, PTSD, addiction, Anxiety. What’s going to kill me first? Drugs, or my mind?

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  1. 23skuhn 1 year ago

    oh hun.. i would care and i would notice considering your one of the few people who actually talks to me more then once a month if that. you talk to me quite a bit it seems like and i enjoy our conversations and id be absolutely devastated if you tried to off yourself and you succeeded. your a wonderful person and i would hate to see a short and beautiful life be ended before it could truly grow, blossom, and be that wonderful adult your meant to be. so talk to me and i can give you some advice that isnt one a public thread.
    if you need someone to talk to please reach out to me ok?
    i know what your going through.
    im always here if you need me.

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