so i work for animal care and control and everyday i come to work dressed up i say good morning give everyone a hug and one day i was sick and didnt want to coff in the ceo face so i pat her on the back and the HR person was like thats sexual harrassment. she was playing but i took that to heart and stop touching people all together.

so everyone started acting really shady, ignoring me when i say hello and goodbue so i had enough and began taking my hour break and leave and when its time to go home i go home. so knowone sees me anymore . so to make a long story short my dad all of a suddent want to spend time with me and HR lady was like she dont see me no more , after what they did to me on my birthday i really dont care anymore i just want to be alone.

since everyone is better than me and want to take there anger out on me and say everything is my fault and im not good enough maybe i should just be alone , and just die. i dont know everything but i do know that god loves me and ill move away and have the big house and start my life over cause i dont feel loved in newyork. the people i surround myself with dont hate me i dont hate me its just knowone wants to get to know me they just judge me so im going to keep things to myself , not argue just listen and make myself happy i dont have time to be sad i have syfallis i dont know if ill even be here tomorrow so im going to live my life for today.

Question! when do you know its time for a change?

how do you change?

and do you change for you or because someone told you to?


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