I am having anxiety for more than a year. I am 19 this year. It has really affected my life a lot. I have been seeing apsychiatrist and still under medication. I am sportsman and I am happy with my past achievement but after started suffering from anxiety my life changed a lot. I feeling so dissapointed and sad right now. I am not having some space time in life where I have so many responsibilty in life to hold on to in this teenage age because I have am the only man in my family after losing my dad in a young age. I feel my friends that are also my age are having a good life like going for holidays together but my mother is not allowing me to do that with my friends. My sister scold me about having a friendship with a girl she hates. My sister does not listen about my anxiety. I\'m not sure my anxiety has caused many problem with me and girlfriend also because we always argue and fight. I just can\'t stay focus on what I\'m doing since I have things bothering in my life. My family sometimes does not appreciate what I\'m doing sometimes and it hurts a lot. I felt left out sometimes by the people that are close to me because of my anxiety. I was good in football last time then suddenly I have lost touch in it but I am working hard to gain the touch back but I still find it hard. I always worried. Feeling anxious also. Dizzy and most of the times I having bad headaches. A week back I cut my palm because I just can\'t handle the pressure. I have very often bad nightmares that can spoil and ruin my day. I can\'t find a solution to solve this all.

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  1. maxsteal 8 years ago

    Thank you very much for your comments. I have seen my psychiatrist doctor recently, I did share with him about this, he told me to always motivate myself and push harder on overcoming anxiety.

    I realize hurting myself does not bring me anywhere, just a scar is left there. I always believe that one day it will be better just during the anxiety attacks it does really makes me feel afraid, sometimes it happen when I'm driving or playing sports, suddenly I have difficulty in breathing, feel like passing out, dizzy.

    I'm trying my best to stay strong even during my hard times. I have been hitting to the gym and working out this past days. I'm feeling differences in me, most importantly in my thoughts. Yes I'm the only man and its been really a tough responsibility to hold on but I feel like I'm doing the best I can but sometimes I do not feel appreciated in my family. Thanks for the inspiring words.

    I have still having anxiety attacks, so it is really hard to get back to my sports because sometimes I wake up with body aching. Also shoulder and back pain. Feel tired sometimes. Is like I'm not getting the mood to enjoy my sports life like before. It also being a distraction and affects my performances in sports.

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