As some of you may know, me and Gore are moving very soon, so I thought I'd make a list of what I will miss and won't miss from Montreal.

Dim Sum : There's no chinatown in Port Huron, so no dim sum, I'll actually miss that because it's one of my favorite meals.

Foufs : I'll miss it because that bar was like home away from home, they always had good shows, good music and cheap beer.

Having my mother close by : Right now she's less than two hours away, but while I know I'll miss her, I know it'll do us some good to see each other less.

What I will not miss, now that list is longer :

The Subway : I won't miss getting pushed around, trying to get off the train when nobody will let you through or trying to get out when people are pushing their way in at the same time. I won't miss people invading the space that I need to feel comfortable.

Drivers : now… that one deserves an explanation, Montreal drivers are possibly the worst on this planet. Driving anywhere makes you feel like you're putting your life on the line, just yesterday, we were driving downtown to go to dim sum for lunch and some guy, who was probably talking on his cell phone, just rammed into the car in front of him. You always have to be ready to hit the brakes, you never know when someone will just turn in front of you without any warnings or stop. I've seen people cut through 3 lanes of traffic with no warnings or turn signals, on a regular basis.

The people : People are rude here, I remember one day, I had to go out and someone was blocking my car into my parking spot, they were in the garage next door, so I go and ask them to move, they refused to. It's like you have to learn to be tough and rude to survive here and I'm tired of it, it isn't limited to people on the street, just the other day i called the satellite company i have my service with, the woman was clearly an anglophone, so i offer to speak english if that'd make her more comfortable, she got all pissy with me, like i was implying that she couldn't speak french, when all I was doing was trying to make us both more comfortable because I couldn't understand half of what she was saying.

Traffic : with what i've said about drivers, now I have to mention just how bad traffic is, there's really only two highways that will get out through montreal, so that makes for some of the most horrible traffic jams, yesterday we were on our way to the mall, for some reason driving 4 blocks took us 45 minutes. We're not quite sure what was holding up traffic, but nothing was moving, for 3 lights cycle, I didn't move even an inch. There's always people trying to get through faster, by using the park lane, then they try to cut you off, to get back in the right lane.

The Stress : all the things i've listed above make for a stressful life, traffic ? you have to plan everything you do, like if you want to go to one of the nicer malls outside of town, then you have to go early or after dinner, otherwise you'll be stuck in traffic, want to go shopping ? make sure to come back before 3, or it'll be hell. Take side streets to avoid drivers. Everytime you go out, you stress about what will people do to ruin your day,

In all my time here, I've had to walk by a guy jerking off on a dark porch, put up with a guy dropping his pants in front of me, in the middle of the day, in January, and it was snowing that day too. One time, I was stopped, waiting for a woman to back out of a parking spot, she was taking her time, i had been waiting for almost 10 minutes, when some idiot, got into his car and backed up right into mine. when I got out of my car to ask him what his problem was, he grabbed me by the arm.

I feel that living here has contributed to my anxiety, big time, I'm weary of going anywhere, because you never know what you'll have to deal with. I still remember that woman at wal-mart that kept bumping into me with her cart, while waiting at the check out, that went on for a good 20 minutes, everytime I'd turn around and look at her, when I finally said something about it, her daughter started cursing at me, f… f… f.., we had a good laugh over that one though, she sounded like a chicken clucking.

Nobody should have to live like this, there's all this talk that's been going on for almost 30 years about quebec splitting from the rest of canada and being it's own country, personally i think it'd be a blood bath, nobody here has any respect for others, especially in the city. I could always deal with SA before, moving to the city, caused me to start piling up things inside, then it blew up in my face, i started having panic attacks repeatedly and ended up getting diagnosed with not only SA, but also panic disorder.

When we went to visit Gore's mom and got married there, I felt like I had just walked into heaven, I could go to a store without needing medication before and after, people on the roads are friendly, they let you through when you're trying to get out of a parking lot in traffic, traffic jams here make me tense, i tend to look to the side of the road, not to watch the other cars, because that makes me anxious, there I was fine. I didn't have a single panic attack while we were there, we planned a wedding in 3 days, on our wedding day, i only took 1 klonopin, and I was fine. My anxiety level decreased more and more every day we spent there.


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