Yesterday was a pretty good. I ha orentaion at 8:30 am. My little brother came and picked me up to take me, cause i can not drive that early in the morning, and I only had about an hour and a half of sleep. My son didnt decide to go to bed untill 3 am and then got back up at 5. And then my alarm went off at 6:45 and I was in the shower. Me and my brother left at 7:30 to get to Jackson and get to the building so that I could get this over with. My stomach hurt so bad, I was started to get anxeity really bad, there were so many people there. The girl sitting next to me made me feel more comfortable by talking to me and making me laugh, thank god. It was almost break time and everyone was going up in a line and having some people to look at there 2 forms of Id to make sure they were vallide. I was standing there and this guy turned around and was like Hey! Oh wow, it was my old high school friend Davey, we stood there and talked, and then we went to sit down and there sitting next to him was my best friend from my junior year of high school Tiffany. We went to break together and sat outside and goofed off and smoke a cigarette. And then went back inside. The orenation was over with at 12:30. And then we all car pooled over to the hospital with Tiffany. I had a really good time. They were cool with my sexuality and everything. We goofed off pretty bad. Everyone was looking at us, but we didnt care, we just kept talking and laughing. When our testing was over me adn Tiffany exchanged phone numbers and we went back to get our vechicles. When I got home all I heard from my husband was bitching because I didnt have my wedding band on. Which when I meet people I tell them that I am married, and he just kept yelling about it. My son was alseep thank god, I didnt want him hearing the cusing.. He got up shortly after. He was very cranky. He didnt get his nap out so about 2 1/2 hpurs later we took a nap together. And then his mamal from his real dads side come and got him for his real dad. Today i am hoping that it will be a good day.


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