🙁 … i really miss my ex girlfriend… i dont kno what to do without her.. im always unhappy because i cant stop thinking about her.. i woke up depressed again this morning because i had another dream about her.. i would say that ive dremt about her almost everyday since our breakup 3 weeks ago… She also has a new boyfriend already and she doesn't want to talk to me… she practicly hates me cuz ive been acting crazy and cant leave her alone bcuz i miss and love her so much!!!! i havent talked to her in two days but im really depressed today and i might txt her.. ik its best if i dont but im not strong enough to resist it… plus i have work tomorow and unless im really busy ill b thinking about her all day… this is my first blog so im not sure exactly what im suppose to write.. i just feel better when i talk about all this… I just want her back… This is a poem i sorta wrote bcuz i was missing her…

With despair in my soul i continue on, hoping for a chance to make things right. Always remembering, never forgeting, the times of happiness and joy we shared. i miss your touch, your lips, your body, your heart. The times we had will never be forgotten. im unable to move forward, always looking back. Waiting for that moment that our hearts reconnect. The time that we can move forward together again. A time were my heart will mend and everything in the world will become beautiful. A time where i can be whole again, without this gaping hole in my soul. I'm frozen in a time of unhappiness and regret, a world of longing and sadness, never seeming to ease. Physical pain is irrelevent to this emotional hurt. For only a gruesome death could account for the pain i now feel. I am a soldier of love, a commander of hurt, and a veteran of heartbreak. i have retired from the hardships of this war and will not return. I only ask that the wounds to my heart be repaired and that my service be honored. For i have recieved the blue heart, a token of my loss in the willingness to love…


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