Well, with the odds against me as a smoker (though I’ve cut down alot and am currently in the midst of quitting) I have a big, full term baby. I had strong contractions all last week and thought i’d be in labour by now, but nooo…. sadly not yet. Still no place to live, but at least we can apply now. The contractions only stopped on Friday 13th, along with the painful tweaking feeling inside which I thought may be a bit of dilating going on. Sigh. Random old ladies stop and point, saying to all around “isn’t she massive?!!” oh, joy. They mean well, though, I suppose. I AM massive, it’s true. Even the dr raised his eyebrows in suprise and mumbled something about a very big baby at my last check up. I’m really happy about that, but a bit concerned that she may be difficult to get out! Only one way to find out, and dammit that’s not happening! It would be more convenient for us to have our own place first, but I feel really ready to go into labour now, so I’m a bit impatient. Well, very!
My fella and I are on much better footing – though he will suddenly ask me if I think we’re ok, when I thought it was obvious I do, and seem disatisfied with my answer. Not disatisfied as in I don’t belive you, more as in there’s something he wants to say but he’s not comfortable saying it. It troubles me a bit, but we’re generally so much better that I refuse to let worries get the better of me. We will see. I saw something recently that said “love can break your heart, but if you love COMPLETLY every day can be your birthday” and it dawned on me I’d been holding back some. Fear and insecurity, I guess.So with that philosophy in mind and nothing to pursuade me its a bad idea, I will plough on.:smile: take care all x

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  1. georgie 15 years ago

    Cogratulations on your baby (:

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