Happy 54th birthday, dad.


I suppose I"m a bit selfishly disappointed-I haven't really done anything this summer, so the time's rotting it away into a pointless time period. Make every moment last? That's my goal, though it almost appears to get harder everyday. Perhaps if I was more open, and not as shy when I moved here last August, I'd actually have friends that I could hang out with. Funny how society notices people who are more open and bright. Why wouldn't they? Their positive aura is something everyone wants around them. :]


But I'm a bit proud of myself, started back onto my regular exercise routine. [Hopefully I won't procastinate or give up on it.] Haven't had an episode for a week or so now.


I'm hoping for the future, that I can choose a road I want, and stick on it-not change the career or change something major that I didn't plan to do. Of course, on average-a person switches their careers…how many times? 3? 5?  I heard that somewhere.

Before I can figure out what High School classes to take, I have to figure out what career I want to do. I also have to find a favorable career before I can select a college to aim for. So far, the career fields I'm looking to choose between are:


  1. Clinical Psychologist [In Human Services setting, most likely]
  2. Graphic Designing [With marketing ads and product covers/outer designs]
  3. Computer Maintenance [Building computers/designing and programming computers]


I'd also like to work in the research field, researching and writing articles or reports on areas-For instance, I'm curious about about the women in Africa that can't get HIV.


I can't settle my mind on one career, and I'm frustrating myself because I want to get my choice over with as soon as possible, so I can start other useful activities. [Like job shadowing and workshops.]


I'm just wondering how some of you older users that found jobs…Well, I'm wondering how you did so. If you have any tips or advice, please feel free to share. Thanks.



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