I’m not heavily affected by social media even though I’m a frequent user a lot of to do with my job. Still, every once and a while there are a slew of hashtags alerting that a day it’s a certain day. Today was national siblings day which reminded me that I haven’t spoken to my own sister since January. I never thought I’d have the nerve to cut her out especially as swiftly as I did. This year, she was really pushing me over the edge of what I could tolerate from her. I have been dealing with the emotional and sometimes physical abuse from her for most of my childhood into adulthood. I got sick again in early 2027 and rather than helping me through it, she constantly bullied and berated me for being sick. Treating me like the biggest failure because I fell into a depression. She’d allow me to be vulnerable just to use it against me a moment later. I became panicked with the idea of ever being alone with her. I like going to Universal Studios for Christmas Eve (day before my birthday), I begged my parents to take me instead of her because I refused to be alone in the car with her. They understood I wanted to have one day to not be put down and feel guilty for actions I hadn’t even committed. I just couldn’t believe I was still putting up with these mood swings in my early 20s. I was too tired to fight her while fighting my own battles. There came a point where she yelled at me for my issues with funerals had resurfaced after a family friend passed away in November. What finally drove me away after 20 + years? She told me I need to tell my therapist to tell me to snap out of it. Disregarding everything I had ever gone through and was still dealing with it. So there’s my #nationalsiblingday


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