i been diagonsed with depression and anxiety. just looking to meet ppl with same struggles and make new friends.

i am 34 and originally from new york but, lived in italy 15 years and then australia for 5.  i am heavy into art, music, photography and dance. i have a 17 year old daugher, who is my heart and soul ,and we\’re living life one day at a time together, us against the world….lol

i am looking to support people during dark times and hopefully in return, lean on ppl during my hard to get through times.

im not quite sure how this site works, actually and i think im writing in the wrong place but oh well. lol

i work full time and restore antique furniture on the side for fun. i enjoy creating and it serves me well, in the way of distraction from depression.

even though i was born in ny i was over seas for so long i feel very new back in the u.s. (only been here 3 years) and i am looking to get settled in and create a group of friends that can be part of my life. i feel like a am agood listener and really enjoy talking and sharing things with friends.

sometimes i feel angry that i have depression, like why me? i have had a hard enough time of things, why do i need this extra mess to sort through on a daily. then, sometimes i feel special cause i do have it and am able to see things in only the way someone touched with mental illness can. then most of the time, i kinda feel like, it is what it is and totally cope with life in my special way and simply get on with things.

i feel like sometimes depression can be an absolute burden and handed to those special ppl who can handle it and other times i feel so lost that i definately need a kind soul to hear me to feel like i can still do this, and thats why i am here.

  1. emmie499 4 years ago

    Hey there. I would love to connect. I need a friend too. Im new here too

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  2. CosmicBubble 4 years ago

    Tough times don’t last, only tough people! I love your enthusiasm for life even though you find everyday a battle, I can instantly tell you are a strong women and an amazing mother to your daughter. I can lend an ear whenever, keep smiling 🙂

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