I wanted to share some inspiring people that have either been diagnosed as OCD or have thought to have suffered from OCD in their lifetime. To show that we are not alone and more importantly that we are not simply broken and fragile but strong and resillent. We have the power to change the world around us even though we sometimes think we do not.

Nikola Tesla (1856- 1943)- A revolutionary scientist, inventor, and engineer is said to have suffered from OCD as well as autism. He obsessed over and created elaborate rituals around the number 3.

Howard Hughes (1905 – 1976)- In the late1950s, Howard Hughes has developed symptoms of OCD and social avoidance behavior to the point of total isolation stemming from fears of germs and contamination.

Samuel Johnson (1709 – 1784)-An English author, poet, essayist, and critic is rumored to have had OCD as well as Tourette’s Syndrome. Published the Dictionary of the English Language April 15, 1755.

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770 – 1827): He was thought to have had OCD and was also deaf.

Donald Trump– He suffers from germ-a-phobia. So much so that he is afraid to shake hands. He avoids shaking hands of teachers. Trump has been quoted saying that teachers have 17,000 germs per square inch on their desk. He also refuses to push the ground floor button of an elevator because he believes there is more germs on the ground floor button. He says he has borderline OCD.

Leonardo DiCaprio– Actor Leonardo has been quoted saying he suffers from OCD and has to force himself to avoid stepping on chewing gum stains while he walks. He also fights urges to walk through doorways a numerous of times. He played Howard Hughes in the movie "The Aviator" and has given interviews on how his role affected his actual OCD symptoms.

Cameron Diaz– Famous actress, Cameron Diaz has said she suffers from OCD and has stated that she cleans the doorknobs in her house so hard, that the original paint on the doorknobs has faded away. She also says she washes her hands numerous times a day and uses her elbows to push open doors.

Billy Bob Thornton– Actor Billy Bob Thornton, has discussed his repetitve and compulsive OCD symptoms.He also states that he suffers from phobias. Thornton and American rock singer-song writer Warren Zevon became close friends after they discovered they both suffered from OCD.

Howard Stern– Shock Jock and television host Howard Stern, wrote of his struggles with OCD in his book, Miss America and admitted that he struggled with completeing numerous types of rituals to distract him from his fears about going into broadcasting.

Howie Mandel– Comedian and television host Howie Mandel, has publicly admitted to and even wrote a book about his struggles with OCD and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). He is a germ-a-phobe and avoids shaking hands and physical contact with public surfaces…i.e. handrails, door handels, ect.. He is most known for his fist bump alternative to having to touch people when introduced. He also shaves his head because it makes him feel cleaner.

This is just a small list of famous people that have suffered the same way we suffer. People that inspite of the agony of OCD and the corruption of it into our lives have been able to openly discuss it without shame and fear of judgment. I just wanted to show everyone here, that although many times we feel alone, we are not. We are in good company. OCD isn't a choice or an excuse. It is simply, something we have had to learn to live with. I was hoping this small list could help remind us on the bad days that we are not broken, inferrior, or weak. We are not cowardly, damaged, or crazy. We are not less than or defunct. We are anything but.

Thank you for allowing me to share this with you and I hope you all have a nice day.


  1. ancientgeekcrone 10 years ago

    There are many more too. I have the biographies of some of the,.

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  2. jack_Udall 10 years ago

    Thank you for sharing that!!  

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