Hope I can find 300  words on this entry,,,, ok,,, getting close to Christmas just a few days off,,, day seem to run together,, had to close out my account at Wells Fargo ,,was not really using it anyway,,, Market has been great which is a portion of my retirement ,,, got my oil changed two days back,,, it was due,, been skipping AA meetings last week or so ,,, seems that many of the people I know from there are gone or visiting somewhere ,,, and that is kinda depressing for me at least ,,,Cubby is in recuperation at the moment and will be for nearly a month now as his secures have to take and heal up.. Need to be more attentive to my daily medications, I tend to skip or forget sometimes .. trying to be an ear for several people on here, not sure if I am helping or not ,, Or maybe I just don’t get what they are dealing with  on a regular basis,, my world is pretty different  and fixed into the era I grew up in,,,Been watch lots of Christmas movies I have collected so I am bingeing on those ,,,,talked to  several friends out of the area ,,and they sound like they are going through some hard times ,, one is at the front end of a nasty financial situation and divorce … May do a 10:30 p meeting tonite if I can get motivated to get the hell out of here,, My paycheck is posting tonight and I did some extra hours and get paid for half a day at a mandatory training ,,,so ,,, got to get ahead of some of my bills…will be working both Christmas eve day and NY eve day,, oh well,, not much else going on at the moment…

Hope that everyone makes it through the holidays ..can be a very difficult time of year,,,

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    mycroftt 5 years ago

    not sure why pix is upside down on here,,

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