Advice??? Anyone???

So, I’ll make this fast. I am sexually active and have gone through many pregnancy scares. I am sick of it. I want to talk to my mom about birth control, but I don’t know how. She told me once before that I could text her if I ever needed protection, but I want to know like specifics that I could say or explain. (She does NOT know I’m sexually active). Also, it could help with the heavy, long, and incredibly painful periods I have.

Another thing is that I am having boyfriend trouble. Our year was yesterday (the 23rd or October), but we were not able to spend the day together cause he was forced on a family vacation so we’ll celebrate next week. BUT I was on his Face book and he was talking to one of his sister’s best friends like a lover. She was talking about how when she’s over her ex they can be together and that she’s sure he needs time to get over his ex as well.

I asked him about it and if he was cheating and he exploded in anger beyond belief. He was saying that he has never cheated and said that his friend John was with him and his sister at his sister’s house and John was using his profile to try and get the girl of his dreams. (I know he was at his sister’s as a fact, but the John thing I do NOT know for sure.) I tried to believe him.

THEN, (we’re not friends on Face book and we don’t have each other in either of ours profile pictures) I looked at his profile and there were all these status’s where the girl hacked his account and was saying that when she pulls herself together she’d give herself to him. He wouldn’t reply or anything, but put a different status and ignore it. Then she posted a picture of herself and tagged him and keeps writing posts about him in a loving way and he won’t respond but she won’t stop.

I’ve talked to him multiple times about it and he always says that he loves me and everything, but he seems distant and he said it was just me, but I’m not so sure. Yes, I’m very paranoid about stuff like this but I’m still scared.

Advice? Things to say?

P.S. All my friends say he doesn’t deserve me and that I try to hard when he doesn’t try at all. I don’t agree, but just to give a feel of other’s opinion about our relationship. His sister also was talking to me and saying that he’s a control freak and that she wanted me to break up with him and that I deserved better which was hard for her to say and everything. I’m confused and I trust him. I just don’t trust everyone else.

Please? Anything?


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