Yesterday Zach and I played a lot with clay. He gets frustrated with it easily though so I often have to help him with it. I made a kitty cat and he made 3 Angry Birds and he did a pretty awesome job! This is good for him because it helps him with hand-eye coordination and controlling his fingers better.

Today I'm not sure what we're doing. We're supposed to go hang out with my friend Michelle and her kids this afternoon possibly, and may go to the beach if the weather is good. Other than that we're just having a peaceful morning being lazy and hanging around. At this point it's too hot to go outside and do anything so we're trying to stay cool by staying inside. But it's a clear beautiful azure sky, and everything is eye-popping green, one of the few things I do love about Florida. I'm really going to miss this place once my Mom finally sells it. I grew up here and this is home in so many ways. I don't know if she'll really be able to part with it, but that's the only way she'd be able to hope to retire. I want her to be able to do that soon ~ she's worked so hard her entire life since she was 14, and she's never stopped. Her strength is both an inspiration and a hurt to me, because I can't be like her. l want to be able to have a career again, but that's not likely to happen. I'll just have to be satisfied with the fact that I'm working at all and come to terms with it.

Our mama duck and ducklings left again yesterday. I have no doubt that they'll be back again in a day or two ~ they like this pond and the constant supply of food here for them. And I'm sure our Sandhill Cranes and their chick will be in today too. The cardinals are singing beautiful songs and all the fledglings are starting to show up at the feeder. Many of them don't have all their adult feathers or colors, but I'm glad to see them anyhow.

My mood continues to hold stable today so far, so I'm hopeful that it will stick around for awhile. It seems that I have several types of triggers, and I'm just starting to figure them out. Like a friend said, I know that the onset of fall is one of them for some reason. Major stress, or even moderate stress can pull me into the whirlpool too. Working full-time is another one; I just can't handle it for some reason. I also have a really hard time with criticism and that can bring it on if it feels harsh enough. What are your triggers?

Today I'm content but tired. I had another horrible night's sleep. I kept waking myself up by yelling in my sleep. I don't know how my husband slept through any of it, or my son. And then of course Hogan, one of my cats, decided that he was going to sleep on top of my head on my pillow. I finally gave up trying to move him and just dealt with it. I woke up for some reason at 1:30 in the morning and played around on the computer for awhile and enjoyed the moonlight.

The moonlight was absolutely gorgeous last night! We had clear skies and it illuminated everything it touched with sparkling silver. I stood on the porch and star gazed for quite awhile, amazed at the beauty of it.

Tonight it's supposed to be a full moon so we're planning on going sea turtle hunting (not hunting really, just to watch them lay eggs hopefully). It will be a great night for it if it stays clear again. My son will LOVE it if we actually get to find one this time. Either way I'll enjoy the ocean and the beach. I always enjoy the feeling of the water lapping at my feet and the cool sand enveloping them as well. Not to mention that it's good exercise too. I'm too sedentary at this point, I've got to start bicycling again! I'm going to have to do it in the early evenings now, it's hot as soon as the sun comes up.

Last night we did go over to our friends' house to let the guys watch the hockey game and my girlfriend and Ijust sat around talking and getting mobbed by the kids. Finally I'd had enough of the cacophony and decided to call it a night. Michelle was exhausted too and so were the kids although they didn't want to admit it. Zachary wanted to stay up till 11 p.m. ( nope ) but amazingly put himself to bed at 10 p.m. He put HIMSELF to bed! I love my kid, he's so awesome. I laid next to him for a little while and then almost fell asleep there, so I made myself get up and move to my own bed. I don't know what time my husband came home because I was out. I don't even remember him getting into bed.

Part of me is wishing for a thunderstorm today because it's almost 90 degrees already and it's not even 10 a.m. yet. If I had the money we'd go to the really neat pool a little ways south of us. It's got a huge kid's playground in the water, and then there's a deep diving pool to swim in as well. That water would feel so good! But it's $5 a person and we just don't have that money. 🙁

So I'm nervous about taking Heidi now, my friend's daughter. I was alright with it when I thought Zach was going to be home too because they could keep each other company and busy. But I have NO idea what to do with a little girl, lol. I'm used to having a boy that keeps himself occupied most of the time. I'm still going to do it though, because I made a promise. I'll figure it out along the way. And I'm sure she'll be pretty good for me, she's a sweet girl most of the time. 😉 I'll have to find out what Michelle does for discipline though because I'm sure there's going to be moments she'll need it. She's headstrong and stubborn at times and like most 7 year olds is starting to get mouthy and talk back.

Well, the Sandhills are here so I'm going to take some time to feed them some bread and enjoy watching them. They actually call to me now if I'm not on the porch when they get here, lol.

Hope you all have a good day and that it holds good things for you. Take care… (((HUGS)))

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