I am so confused that i dont know how to let this five beautiful ladies know that all that i had done for them was just to make them feel good and continue to have faith in this great world because they say life begins when you feel great.

  I have made this charming princess feel great in thier time of need by devoting myself for them in thier depressed state talking positively to them attending to all thier needs and also making sure they find peace and joy again but i never meant or had it in mind that i wanted to date them .

 They are all out for me they want me so bad because one named shade said i am the sunshine in her life because i made her realize that she has got some untapped potential in her and so she must have me for keeps and no other lady will take me away from her.

  So also is the remaining princess that i sincerely wished for happiness to come into thier life and nothing more but they have taken my kind words for love words and are hell bent on having me for keeps.

  I am confused because i only want to bring in light back into thier life and i succeded in my quest but they took it for love words and has really gotten to thier emotion.

  I need you that is readin this message to advise me because i am open to advice and would surely love to learn from a diversified view because i am thinking of telling them but afraid it might look as if i am breaking some bodies heart which i would not want to do because i can stand it seeing my friends and lovedones sad not to talk of crying.



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