It is pretty damned sad when a person writes a blog to vent what they are feeling, going though, how their day goes, etc, that they are told that they are exagerating. WTF?Not everyone has the "light" episodes of their problems. Not everything is all peachy-keen all the time. Mental disorders do have a much darker side to them than most people realize. And for people on this site, people who are supposed to have some of the same problems, to judge others because of a blog. That is fucked up.



Nothing I write is to get attention or comments from anyone else. If you want to comment that is fine. I\'ll read it and will give thought to what you say. This blog is mostly myself. It is one of my forms of therapy. I don\'t like to write in a regular pen and paper journal. My brain goes too fast for my hands to keep up. And I prefer not to type it on wp so that prying eyes can see it. The advantage of this site for me is that I can write what I am going through, vent my frustrations, etc…And none of you personally know me. If you did know me then discovered that this is my blog you would probably shit a brick. The majority of my family and friends see me as a strong person. When I am having a problem and I ask for help I am turned away.Or when someone ask me what is wrong and I tell them the truth, that is "exagerating" to some people on here. Umm, okay yeah.




Yes I am tired of hurting, I am tired of fighting. So times I get so low I want to give up. Venting on this site helps me to keep from giving up. It gives me a place to release my frustrations, feelings, thoughts, etc. My parents taught me to bottle my thoughts and emmotions. That to show any emmotion was week. I am over comming that and it is hard as hell. Hence part of my rants. But apparently that is wrong too. So wtf? Should I contiue talking to the wall? Or I know lets talk to the door, at least it moves.



I also use this site to share with people so that the one\'s who are too afraid to write their own words can see that there is someone else who has shit just as fucked up as them and that they are not alone in their struggle. That they are not the only person who deals with anxiety and other issues.



But there are always those people who seem to think that it\'s ok to tell someone how fucked up they are in their own words, when the original person is going through enough hell. I would think that most people would appreciate someone letting them know that there is an other person there who can understand what they are going through. That if they want to talk they are there.



Anxiety is a fight. It is a fight for your life. A fight for your happiness. It isn\'t going to be easy, nothing is ever easy at first. Some people are able to just grab the proverbial bull by the horns right off the bat. Others it takes longer for them to do so. And some have more than one bull.



If this post offends you, sorry. But the truth is the truth. I am not here to candy coat living with anxiety, depression, etc..I am here to tell my story. My story in my own words, things I experiance, think and feel and offer support to those that I can. So if any of my blogs offend you, go read stuff from the government, they are good at candy coating.

  1. Missie 9 years ago

    Amen — please keep blogging because for some of us it is helpful to know that someone has the exact same or similar symptoms as myself
    Its very reassuring to know that I am not alone

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  2. Kimble 9 years ago

    I appreciate your posts, and as you said, some people are being silent and cannot post these things. I am one of those people. I relate strongly to your feelings. Please ignore the idiots and keep doing whatever you need to, to feel better. I know blogging can really help. I used to do it before I caught too much crap for speaking my mind here. Now I just read the blogs and try to offer support if I can. I hope you don\'t quit blogging if it really helps you, and especially if this is the only place you can speak your mind. I totally relate to that too. Sorry this happened to you here.

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  3. sarah30uk 9 years ago

    I only joined in January and I haven\'t written that many blogs but I have found it helpful, I\'ve not had any problems with negative comments but I was definitely expecting some as I get a lot of flack from people in my everyday life over the way I am. If I ever read a blog and didnt agree with what the blogger had written I just wouldn\'t respond, I don\'t know why people would bother being horrible. The thing is everyone is different and there is probably a wide range of anxiety sufferers on this site so not everyone understands every situation that others go through. Keep blogging and don\'t worry about the negative comments 😉

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  4. Twired 9 years ago

    I am so sorry commenters have been unfair. This should be a safe place where we can share our troubles with others. People on Anxietytribe should know that we all have pain here and that we need each other. I hope you feel better and that trolls won\'t come your way anymore.

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