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This morning as I was going through many of your posts I saw one picture after another with strange objects, sad faces, etc. But then that is ok, as I suspect our profile pictures are a reflection on our moods, emotions at the time of our posts.

I understand this is a "depression support group tribe" but when I saw a profile picture of a lady appearing to be dancing on the sands of a tropical beach, that brought a smile to my face.


I would love to see profile pictures with each of us smiling or placing a beloved cartoon charactor or even a picture of a tropical beach as our profile picture.

Be honest with your moods when you post your current state of mind as happy, sad, angry, etc for that is there to help us but it would be cool to change our profile pictures to one that is positive…..like doing our best to smile and giving ourselves hope that all is going to be well. Our profile picture is like looking in the mirror and smiling to ourselves and "believing" it IS going to be a good day.

"Depression Tribe" is a great title, it has helped us find each other and it had given us the security of finding others who know what we are feeling, what we are going through.

I hope you all don't mind for me to make this suggestion or throw this idea across to you all, but for now, can we try something new, lets change our profile pictures, smile as best we can, when you take your picture or you choose for your profile, try to recall the one thing that really made you happy to be alive. We can get through this together but lets give our group "happy vibes" with our profile picture……lol….. I never used that word "vibes" before! We are group of people dealing with depression……but we are also a goup of people who are reaching out to one another to take back control of our lives by controlling our depression. To come here and see a smiling face, a soothing picture of mountains, tropical waters, a cartoon charactor of our youth, etc…… that to me is one step to "picking ourselves up" and giving us a feeling of "after all, life is what we make of it, life is good."

Happy Sunday everyone, just a suggestion here but whatever you do I know you're doing it for YOU to help yourself get better and to love life as it was meant to be.

  1. sandyb 9 years ago

    Excellent suggestion. I am keeping my profile pic at the moment since it was taken after I had lost a lot of weight, and I am at a place in nature which is hat I enjoy most. I have since gained back some of the weight, but hope to get back on track one day soon.

    Thanks for your suggestion, again.


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  2. snowdreamer 9 years ago

    your idea is a good one and expressed well….I have a pic of myself with my grandson who is the light of my life so I couldn't help but smile.  Good to hear a good blog for a change, thank you!

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  3. HoneyBunny 9 years ago


    Thanks for the insight…I agree.

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  4. JAMES 9 years ago

    ALL of you just brought a big huge smile to my face. Liz it was your picture that got me started on this! All of you, thanks for sharing your thoughts and most of all your smiles….as I said, we're in this together and we really do have each other…we aren't alone. I'm still a bit new here but I've found a great deal of fondness for this group 🙂

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