So my ex doesn’t see the kids for like 4.5 months. when he finally does he goes and gets himself arrested for abusing his baby son and girl friend and to top it of he’s been charged with rape. My kids almost get taken away by protective services because when he does this he so happens to have the children with him. Thank go I get my girls home shaken and emotionally scared but otherwise alright. I immediately go to my lawyer and demand sole custody and to end any and all access he has to my girls (at the very least until he goes through AA fat chance at that). With sole custody and him out of the picture I can finally do what ever I want. sure I likely wont see any money from him but hell I don’t see any money now. I may as well pack up the kids like I want and move to the coast like I want for a better life for all of us thousands of miles away from my dead beat ex. This works out fantastic for me and even my oldest daughter is angry with her father for what he did and doest want to see him. the little one is still too little to understand. I’m torn though A part of me feels so happy that I’m getting sole custody, that he final sc***ed himself over so much that Karma is paying him back for what he did to me. Finally I can put him out of our lives and move on. then there is another side of me that feels like maybe I am just being cruel and vindictive to be so happy and take advantage of his dire situation to take the kids and run. Then I think Why shouldn’t I it’s not like an abusive alcoholic rapist is the best father figure for young girls. Am I just over thinking this or am I taking advantage of a bad situation?


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