If you are young and live at home, don't feel bad. If you are older and feeling like a loser for whatever reason, don't feel bad. I hope that my own pathetic state will at least make someone on here feel better!

OK… So today K texts me and hints about the pool. I told him he is welcome over ANYtime. Then I asked him if he wanted to come over and watch a movie with me tonight. He said he did, but wouldn't my parents be here?


I live at home, with my parents and I'm almost 40. That's what my crippling depression has done to me. I suppose I could live in a HOME with other mentally ill people but I doubt very much that K or any other man would like to come over and be a part of that. Besides, those homes don't typically allow late night male company.

I told K not to worry, that my parents have nothing against him, but he politely declined because he felt it would be too awkward. He really wanted to see me but alas I live with Mommy and Daddy and can't even see the man I love!

I guess back when K was 19, it didn't bug him because he lived with both his parents (one week at his Mom's, one week at his Dad's) but now, at 24, he just feels it's too weird to be seeing a woman who lives with her parents.

I can't believe this cost me an evening with K. I guess I've been spoiled by P who didn't seem to mind my parents being around at all. Also my parents don't bug my friends and I when I have company. I am wondering if perhaps K feels awkward because he broke up with me5 yrs ago,and feels that my parents being around would be too weird after that? I hope so. I'd rather it be that than him thinking it's just strange that a woman my age still lives at home.

He said it was really tempting to come over, but just can't. UGGHHHH. I am so frustrated. How will I ever see him again if he doesn't get over that? And how can I blame him?

So I am just getting ready for bed, trying not to feel bad. I mean K said he misses hanging out with me, and he really wanted to see me… this is such a pain. Maybe he'll get over it and want to come over one night anyway? I don't know, I doubt it. I just feel soo bad right now. I just don't know what to do.


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