hi …i’m a 23 year old girl.was never in a relationship with anyone. i come from a very strict traditional ackground.i as sexually abused when i was in the kindergarten by my relative who s a girl and 3 years older than me( i had bruises nd wounds all over just to let know the impact).ever since then before my puberty at a very young age i use to fantasize women. but as time went it faded. but then after puberty when i was about 8 th std.. i was sexually aroused by a woman in the tv. that was my first masturbation experience. my sexual fantasies are always about a man and girl whle masturbating but its always about the girl.i was never sexually aroused by a man. but i’m romantically attracted to them and i find them cute. i do have many guy frds. but there was this only one guy with whom i had feelings for..when he hugs me..i get wet. i’m a virgin but. i’m totally confused. i’m k with anything but. somebody do help me out. sry for a long post.

  1. wisecrackingwaffles 3 years ago

    Hi there, Friend!

    It is actually normal for many women to take a while to fully understand their sexual attractions. There is no rush. I also am coming into my queer attractions as an adult, and that is alright.

    Also, it is okay to have sexual or romantic attraction to more than one gender. Many individuals identify as Bisexual, attraction to men and women, while others identify as Pan-sexual, attraction to people regardless of gender. It doesn’t have to be a 50% divide either, Some people are attracted primarily to one gender and only slightly attracted to other genders. We fall on a spectrum. It doesn’t have to be just one thing.

    Have you talked to family you trust, like parents or grandparents, or a therapist about your situation with your relative? Sometimes, having someone to help you work out emotions or experiences can enable you to face the future with a more confident and knowledgeable outlook.

    It gets better.

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  2. barefootluv1 3 years ago

    I understand and relate to what you’re going through, I’m lesbian but not completely open about it, at least with my family, I’m Asian and I know that my parents will absolutely freak out and I have a younger sister that I’m not sure how she’ll take it. I have identified myself as bisexual since I was a 15 but recently I started identifying myself as Lesbian because I just don’t have any interest in men. I have never had a relationship with a girl but I would very much like to find the right girl. I also deal with having a fetishistic disorder which is usually something that affects men but only very few woman have which is difficult for me to live with, and there’s nothing that I can do about it, I have to learn to live with it, having a fetishistic disorder isn’t something that can be erraticated from one’s life. I have a hard enough time just being a minority Asian lesbian without having to live with having sexual interests that most people don’t understand, I fear rejection and ridicule and so I try my best to suppress my desires and keep it secret, I am frustrated sexually and just wish I could be open about my sexuality and be accepted and have a good relationship.

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