Stuck in this mind. I know it’s mine but I don’t wanna be this way at this time, why now when I have to be my strongest just so I can get trough the hardest, my mind is trapping me and locking me up and throwing out that key. This depression it’s like a cell of nothing, you will go crazy in there if you don’t keep your sain, you’re strong you know but it hasn’t been that bad before, you want to escape but they got you on lock down 24 hours out of the day. My mind is probably my worst enemy who just wants to see me be in this cell, alone just begging for a bird.

It’s not just my mind, it’s those around me instead of searching for that key they rather chain me up and wish me luck just so that they can go just tell me to fuck off. But I’m no fool, they will come crawling back they always do, “ I made a mistake I’m sorry, What can I do to help fix this?” I respond and want to give them a second chance, a free sentence but when I ask for back in return they will just wonder along ignoring my call and try to be cool but I don’t need cool, I need them to return that favor and return that key.

There’s a few that hand me that key but it’s too late can’t you see, I’m already dieing, I can see you trying to heal me but those have already have poisoned me, I’m need a cure that no one has, I’m the one that has to make it but it’s hard when those who keep on braking it.

I might as well end my sentience early because honestly this prison of depression is one that I definitely don’t want to be in.


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