Wanted to write something deep and long, but my eyes are really failing me. Their lids are heavy with the dark and the day. I'll soon slip under.

Already under soft covers, curling my toes and enjoying the feel of a freshly entered bed shifting from cold to warm.

I love the simple little moments in the day. Whilst travelling today, the sky covered itself in pillars of cloud, and let the sun's breath seep through in aching patches. I smiled as it crossed my face and forced my eyes closed.

It's rhythms continued to play through the shuttered pools and golden red visions dean within me.

Simple little moments.

That remind me I'm alive, I'm here, I exist, I'm real.

We pay so much revenue to the big show, the main events and the spectacle, that we often miss the little wonders and joys that blossom all around us.

This morning I woke early, and sat it compete silence watching the silken steam rise from my coffee and escape into the air. I felt myself breathe. Savoured every breath, and starting from that centre of me, I let my senses edge out and flow together.

I felt my heart beating, imagined it's purple and red flows twisting into strands of burning plasma that weaved into endless dancing patterns.

Saw the air flowing across the hairs on my arm as a golden field of grass, whose reeds sang a song so true to the sky passing over.

Inhaled the broken coffee fumes reaching out and dragging me into the reality spread out in front.

Do you ever get that feeling, that's like every nerve ending in your body tingling? Like a very gentle electric wave rippling through your system? A moment you know, absolutely, that you are alive, and just for this briefest, most slender of moments, you are happy.

It's hard to describe, but I had one of those moments, starting in my stomach and ending with every event in my life colliding in a few brief moments.

My eyes fogged slightly, so I let that first piece of coffee dipped Au chocolat hit my mouth and I melted with it.

I love simple little moments like these. They are mine like nothing else. No one else will ever quite experience them, and (despite trying here) I'll never be able to express them.

And laying here writing, I'm so relaxed and calm I feel the same feelings as this morning drifting over me. The ocean in me is so still you'd think it's surface was glass.

Which is where I'll float away now, away on seas of sapphire, to who knows where or when. If I'm lucky I'll stay here, and not wake up.


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