Mike's ex-wife called his grandmother yesterday and got them out of bed to come and get the twins.  Needless to say his grandmother was upset.  She said that she said that she was making only one trip to where we meet her and said if they couldnt meet her then that we would have to come to her house to pick them up.  I have tried I know about a hundred times to get in contact with her so I can make pick up arrangements in order for her to pick them up on Sunday.  I just talked to her father and I am so SICK OF LEAVING MESSAGES!  Anyway on another note my ex-husband called me and I was SHOCKED that he invited me and my current husband to his son's birthday next saturday afternoon.  I guess all the crap we put each other through about 6yrs ago is FINALLY buried in the past.  Maybe I will go for a few minutes, but I dont imagine that I will for a long time.  It feels good that we can FINALLY get along.  At least for our kids sake. I was also blown away that he said he would help my husband get on where he works.  Which is a good place to work but I dont think that Mike will though he likes where he work and I want him to be happy not miserable.  I know that sometimes he gets mad at his ex because she doesnt want to work and all she wants to do is sit on her LAZY BUTT!!!  I cant wait for the day when I can tell her NO MORE MONEY FOR YOU WITCH!!! You wont be living off my husband anymore, but that is about 9 and half years down the road.  Oh well talk to yall later……Hugs Crystal


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