I came to college with the assumption that I was going to find my life long best friends, and we would all be the same person and I would spend every waking hour with them. My freshman year I found several people that I bonded with over humor and wittiness. However, the start of Sophomore seemed to make a change in them. All they wanted to do was drink and party and hook up with guys. I was lost. I wanted to have a deeper connection with them. I wanted to talk for hours about the meaning of life, or what the world around us is made of. But they didn't care, and they didn't need that kind of connection. I discovered that all of the "friends" I had made were just these shallow relationships. They didn't know me at all.

In January, I sunk into a really low place. I didn't think anyone wanted to be friends with me. I figured everyone had already made their friend groups and I just happened to be excluded. I was overwhelemed with a feeling of loneliness and sadness.

Then my sister showed me this video. The video is called "How to Be Alone" on YouTube. Look it up it will change your life.

This video was like a light switch. I changed my perspective a bit. I took my "alone time" to be "me time." I gained energy from being alone. I let myself worry less about being with others and more spent more time accomplishing tasks like schoolwork. I of course still need social interaction, I believe everyone does. And I'm still not certain I have found my life-long friend. But I'm more comfortable being on my own now that I have developed this perspective. I feel more at home by myself, and that's not something to be ashamed of. It should be celebrated.


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