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I’m sure all of you are quite enthralled by the current drama going on with Klip and all that lovely-ness. But I think I’ve had enough of this and it’s time to take a stand and let OUR side be heard.

First I will take the stand as the "Big scary bully" of Kat:

So lets lay out the facts here for those of you who have not been following this "young" lady for as long as those of us in chat have been. She is allegidly 13 years old but has told various people through conversations (which have been logged thought not by me) that shes ranges from age of 13 to approximatly 30 years of age. This delightfull young woman has repeatedly asked for advice and refused to listen nor agree or acknowledge any that was given. Also, I’m not going to go into too much detail for sake of space (and it’s mean to say such things in text quite honestly) but she has repeatedly made claims which lack in logical possibilities and then just gotten very angry when those of us trying to help were trying to understand what was actually the problem (and hence asking questions along the lines of how it didn’t make sense).

Now, generally I wouldn’t care much and just ignore someone like this; I mean I too was a teenager not long ago and wanted attention 24/7 from everyone else. However, this individual has proceeded to take attention away from individuals who have been at the time in desperate need of true assistance and diverted conversation to her own "problems" when other people are trying to talk some other person in chat out of committing suicide. This happens more often than is really favorable and I’m sure seeing as we’ve all been here many times, we know the vital window for stopping these tendancies. A few we have missed and sometimes they were due to "kat" taking over the conversation about "how people are holding a knife to my throat right now!" and the like conversations which 100% lack any physical possibility and which she later refered to as hallucinations which she was refusing treatment for.

Now as to the accusations about my job etc by Klip; which I must say is quite a rude jab considering how I’ve never talked to him and before he became so rude I was complementing him in chat for admitting mental illness with a professional degree etc etc. Anyway, I admit I have yet to publish any papers, hence I don’t imagine I can find proof as lovely and conrete as that. However is Klip is as computer savy as he has made all of us in chat aware, he can simply PING my IP find where I live, the university I’m close to and search for a graduate student registerd with the psychology department with teh name "rachel" of which to my knowledge there is only one. However, if you really don’t want to go through the effort; talk to me. The random things I know aren’t really things you pick up in day to day conversations at the coffee house. Also, though I AM with the psychology department, I work with neuroscience knowledge and hence am NOT and have NEVER claimed to be, a therapist of any kind. No I do not know theraphy techniqies, nor types of medications. All that I do know is from various readings ranging from novels, to internet clippings, to scientific news articles which I access through my uiniversity and finally because I like to ask my psychiatrist everything about everything. The poor woman has to put up with my questions all the time.

In general I must say this whole "blog war" thing is much to passive aggressive for me and I’d much prefer to discuss it in real time chat or on a voice-over-IP service; recieving slandering messages with profanity within them from this "Klip" person is rather degrading and I’m willing to post if anyone wants proof, however I feel it is unnecessary and would prefer to allow this man to seem like a rational individuals within the online community because he does seem like a good person with a slightly misguided sence of justice.

If any of my above sentences do not really make sense; please forgive me, this morning I started my switch over from effexor to cymbalta and I’m feeling quite disoriented.

Quite honestly I’m not sure what we’re really arguing about at all anymore, but I feel someone should stand up for those who’re trying to protect the vulnerable individuals in this online community from liars and fakers (of which we have shown many to be true and uncovered more than one online stalkers from this website).


Cheers guys! lots of love



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  1. Anon 14 years ago

    Very well written rachie, thank you. 

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