I haven’t had access to a computer in a while. My little sister likes to act like a Nazi and take over it over. It happens and I get yelled at (by a thirteen year old, how pathetic) if I’m on it.

Since the last time I updated I said I had a good week. Well, my week ended good and I was all happy. =D

This week started kind of… eh. Anist was being a bitch Sunday when Parker was up for the weekend. Okay, I know she likes attention. I know she likes me being jealous of her other friends. I know she likes me wanting to be her.

I know she hates me being better than her. I know she hates people like me better. I know she hates it because I’m not jealous of her friends anymore. I know she hates it I don’t want to be like her. I know she hated it when Parker was up because she wasn’t the center of attention.

That really pissed me off. I was like (in my head),”Wow, way to be a bitch. Way to be mean to me in front of my boyfriend. That really makes you look super cool.” Anist likes Parker. She liked Parker the same day I did, the only problem is I got her. She could never deal with Parker, she could never handle being two hours away. Not many people can deal with Parker, lol.

He’s one of those guys who knows everything about WWII and all that stuff relating to that area. That’s what he talks about. That and paintball, goverment related things (which I argue with him about), school, and that’s it. Anist couldn’t deal with him.

I also figured out Courtney couldn’t deal with him if she got to know him more than she did. Courtney wants someone more… normal. lol

Anyway, Anist on Monday at practice talks to us (me and Kyle) like we have no chance of getting Espontoon. Well, I hate to break her bubble but just because she’s had it for the last two years doesn’t mean she’ll get it. Me and Kyle didn’t try out the last two years. Hell, I’m pretty good at it. I could be /amazing/ if I get to be Sargent of the Guard.

It just pisses me off that she thinks she’s so amazing at it. She’s not that great and it’s annoying.

I just realized how annnoying one of my best friends are. It’s kind of sad to realize but I hope her not getting Espontoon (and hopefully me getting it) will knock her off her little power trip.

Rawr. I can’t wait for auditions and Freezer Jam. I get to see Parker again at Freezer Jam and get to piss Anist off because I’m hanging out with Parker and have WAY more friends there than she does because the only friend she’ll have there is me.

Revenge is horrible… but hey, I’ll sink that low every now and then.


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