First blog. Exciting. Wooo. Doubt anyone will read this. Or at least a lot of people. But that’s okay because I am reading it so I guess it counts for something. And I am just going to stick it out there. I have been told by many people that writing down what you feel is good for you. And, if someone else is going through the same thing, it can help. So this is my kind act for mankind. Or an attempt to clear my mind. Either one works for me.

My life the past few months has been wild. Lots of changes. Not huge train wreck changes. But little ones that pile up the size of Mt. Everest. Well, I guess it has been piling for a while like a trash dump and now it’s just full and over flowing. ‘Life is so stressful omgosh.’ Yeah, well who’s isn’t? Exactly. But I guess others can cope better. School, health, the occassional BLACK MOLD i was living in for 7 months…you know. They all add up. I moved back in with my parents recently and let me tell you, what a blessing! I definitely feel better being at home with my parents. I mean, I still feel crazy and anxious but it helps with my family here.

So some new fun has been added to the life. Like the new fear of EVERYTHING! You guessed it folks. What a silly fear. I think they call it ridicuousphobia or something along those lines. But you think I am kidding, just wait to hear some of the stories that will unveil on this puppy. My goal is by making a satire out of fears and stressors, it will make it easier for me to deal with. (Of course I will be doing other things also). What happened today you may ask: I was driving home from Sanford @ night and there was a truck in front of me. This truck has a bathtub strapped into the back of it. Keep in mind it was directly in front of me. Most people would be like cool or w/e. I, on the other hand, was contemplating whether I should pull over or speed up around him. I was SURE that thing was going to fall on my car and I was going to crash and burn. AHHH. Did that happen? NO. Because it wasn’t a rationale fear. But it is better than thinking some guy is going to rob the store I am in or that I am going to unexplainably lose my vision.

I have always been a stressed person. Those of you who are in my classes know that I have an asthma attack every time there is a test. I think I fail every test. I don’t believe it when I get an A. When I get an A- I cry for weeks. Yeah, ridiculous and silly I know. But lately it has been 2347829348230948 crazier! I am blaming it on the mold. The mold I was living in infested my brain! Hey,  it CAN happen. I mean, it kills your Central Nervous System and makes your nerves not work as well. Let’s just hope it’s the mold. Or one of my other conditions. So abracadabra it’s fixed! (A girl can dream, can’t she?!).

Some goals for myself (writing them down makes you do them. RIGHT?!?!)

– Exercise 30 min a day!

-Read those books my awesome friend Erin gave me.

– Learn that ‘B’s are beautiful’

-Eat healthy. No sugar. No high fructose. Just vitamins and healthy organics and stuff.

-Breathing exercises!

-Find a good doctor. (Once again, I can dream! Or just go holistic!)

There you go. Hope you enjoyed.

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  1. ancientgeekcrone 12 years ago

    I loved it.  Way to go !!!!!! Keep it Up!!

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