Today I was walking home from work with my work uniform, a pair of shorts, a neon “A” painted on my stomach, hearts on my left arm, a glob of sunscreen on my nose and “war paint” on my eyes along with a bandana, a highlighter yellow set of sunglasses and a flowing cap and bright socks.  I swear to you, that I have never felt sexier in my whole life.  I walked home with this overwhelming sense of “this is who I am.”  I don’t think I could have put on something that more describes me for who I am.  Someone who is into it whatever it is, someone who isn’t afraid to be goofy especially to make kids laugh.

I love these kids so much.  They are who I am.  I used to be worried that I wasn't making a difference.  I mean who remembers pre-school anyway?  but the thing is it doesn't matter if I make a difference or not, the kids change me and that's what's important.  I change them short term they change me forever.

The title of this is "Flying HIgh" because (in case you can't tell) I was dressed like a superhero for the little ones.




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