Well 2008 is done and gone and 2009 is here.

New Years Eve was not brought in with champagne, countdowns or kisses. It was brought in with a great friend and my son lighting off fireworks and me talking to my oldest son (my daughters ex who we consider family) who is Alaska. My daughter was out for the night with friends and my husband was at the bar with his friend. 

This year I will look back at as one of the most memorable. It started off bad but by February I had singed up for college, something I have wanted to do since leaving for high school. It took in 18 years to do. What can I say I like to take my time! March 3rd I started my first two classes and I truly love going to school even if at times it is stress full. I made the Dean list twice this year, which is wonderful because I never got that great of grades in high school. 

I spent three months back in Physical Therapy working on getting my foot to work right.  It still causes me some pain and at times it doesn’t feel like it my foot. I am still fighting the insurance company over the car wreck I was in August 2007.

My husband started a new job and he works away from home during the summer. He tried to come home on the week ends. We had to get a camper for him to stay in. We got one that is nice and there is enough room for the kids and me to stay in when we went to visit.

With the kids they have each turned another year older. My daughter has one more year of school left and looking forward to get out of the small town. My son started sports this year. He went out for football and did quite good. In March, My daughter and I went to Texas to see her boyfriend at the time graduate basic training. After that he headed to Alaska and they found out long distance relationships don’t last. Which was heart breaking to everyone who was involved. We only got to stay a day with him and than we had to fly back for a wedding my husband was in.  He has come home a couple of time and they always seem to hook right back up. I have a feeling he is going to ask to marry her after she graduates.

In June I found OurBipolar and this site has changed my life and I can not thank all the people I have meant on there for helping me understand most about bipolar and I get to see that there are people who feel some what like I do. I still struggle with my emotions and at times I really don’t feel like I belong any where. I get lost in my head so many times and I long for the day my mind will rest and I will know what peace is like. In the past year I have joined other site like this one that have helped too. 

November is the month is the month I will remember the most.  My brother came home to see us. I miss him so much and enjoy his visit. This year he came at a bad time and he could tell how unhappy I have become living in this small town. He would like us to come to DC to visit and I am going to try to make that our Christmas present for next year. I know it would mean the world to him. This month also saw my best friend here from Liverpool, UK. I have not been that happy to see anyone in a very long time. The week here I got to show him a little part of this country and I know he enjoyed himself because he is planning another trip out here. The day he left I cried and I didn’t want to stop hugging him. I didn’t want him to go. After he left I fell deep into depression and I am fighting hard with each day to find the reason to get out of bed and to life. I am a fighter and I must fight but some days it is really hard. I look forward to the day where the sunshine is back in my life.

I am hoping that 2009 is going to be better than 2008 and have lots of great memories. I wish everyone well.


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